In the shop: Metal Turning and Refreshment Center

One of the things I really enjoy doing with my guy friends is having “open shop night” at Ultimate Reloader. It’s great to do some gunsmithing or other machining, and then crack a cold one with the guys, sit back, and just enjoy the machinery/conversation. Recently, I had the good fortune of inheriting a “dorm fridge” from a friend’s friend. What to do with this dorm fridge? How about add it to the shop as a beer fridge?

Metal turning and refreshment center

Here we have a picture of my 1955 built all American Logan model 1922 11″ x 36″ metal lathe. A great machine! You can see the custom tooling center I fabricated, and some nice Kennedy precision tool storage. This machining center now features the refreshment zone as well. Once the machining is done, it’s a good time to have a brew.

Contents of the refreshment unit - needing some help

This refreshment unit is currently stocked with part of the “Pyramid Variety Pack” from Costco. To tell you the truth, not all of these are my favorite. I’m not too much into fruity beer, so I think I’m going to have to spice things up and add some variety. Some “Pabst Blue Ribbon” would be good for those cheaper/lighter moods, and perhaps some porter would be good given the winter season.

Speaking of Pabst Blue Ribbon, do you know they sell this stuff in China? Here’s a picture of me with a case of PBR in Beijing back in 2008:

Home away from home - Me with a case of PBR in Beijing, China

I’m just wondering if they watch NASCAR in China while they toss back these American beauties… ? One has to wonder.

What do you guys think? What does this fridge need?


17 thoughts on “In the shop: Metal Turning and Refreshment Center”

  1. Unfourtunatly, that on is too small to be a kegerator, so it neews lots of speed stickers and gun stickers. C’mon, you know you got a Magpul sticker or two lying around

  2. Gavin
    I have a 1950’s full size fridge that looks really cool and still works. Holds lots of brews. I’ll trade it to you for your 1955 lathe!

  3. Guns, Reloaders, BIG Tough Engines, PBR, and Porter, and also a Husky dirt bike I saw in the background on one of your videos. Jeez Gavin seems we think a lot alike!

    I’m liking the Samuel Adams Holiday Porter this year.

  4. If you want really epic ales find some Fish Brewing Beer from Olympia, Wa. My boy is the head brewer there and they brew classic beer that has won many awards. One of the finest micro brews around. Winterfish, starfish , and wild salmon are my favorites.

  5. Just bought a Logan model 1955 lathe so that I can start rebarreling Mausers. I think that it is similar to yours but it is 24″ between centers.

  6. Tipped back a few of those apricots myself down at the Pyramid here in Seattle. I’ll buy ya one if you’re in town, anytime!

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