You know what they say about one man’s trash!

A while back I was doing some cleaning in my crawl space, and found this old beer can under the visqueen. I immediately though to myself – hmmm, construction workers haven’t changed at all in the last 50 years. I had the mental picture of the guys back in 1960 finishing a hard day’s labor framing my house, picking up a can opener and cracking a couple “Carling Black Label” King Size beers to finish off the day. What do you do when you’re done? Throw them under the house or course!

50 year old beer can found under author's house

Perhaps reloaders are the more neat and tidy construction workers. When we’re done shooting, we don’t leave the brass laying out in the woods (or on the floor) – we scavenge the brass, and even pick up others’ brass. To some shooters it’s just brass, but to “us” it’s like treasure. Just like this old beer can that I proudly display on the shelf in my garage at home. I love looking at it- and 50 years ago, it was just another item to toss in the trash (or under someone’s house 🙂 ).


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