AR-308 – Millett TRS-1 Scope Install

Following up on the last post covering the Millett Tactical TRS-1 scope, in this video I’ll cover the mounting procedure for this scope using a pair of Millett tactical scope rings (medium height). I’ll also demonstrate the use of the Wheeler Engineering Firearms Accurizing Torque (FAT) wrench. This is a simple scope mounting procedure where I use a bubble level to ensure that the reticle is level with the picatinny rail.

That takes care of the rifle prep- next will be on to the precision reloading phase!


3 thoughts on “AR-308 – Millett TRS-1 Scope Install”

  1. I have a question regarding your Millett scope rings. I also have this scope but I would like the bell to sit just barely off of the barrel. My picatinny is exactly 10mm high, and with med. rings it sits about the same height off of the barrel as your does in the install video. My question is would a set of low rings work better for such an application that I would like?

    1. I have the same question. Just ordered this scope and will be mounting on my PSA AR-15. Generally i like to have the scope mounted low, flush with the barrel. Whats the best method to do this? If someone things this is a bad idea, please let me know. I am pretty new to the AR platform and rifles in general so any advice is appreciated. Thanks

    2. I have the same question. I have found rings that fit 55 OJLD but would like it to be a bit closer with an offset mount. Any ideas?

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