AR-308 – Millett TRS-1 4-16x50mm Scope Overview

One of the most important components of a good long range rifle is the scope. It goes without saying that a scope must hold zero in order for a rifle to shoot tight groups. The quality of the optics, the repeatability and accuracy of the windage/elevation adjustments, and other factors also play a key role in the overall performance of the rifle.

The Millett TRS-1 tactical scope fills an important segment in the market for tactical scopes – a mid price point scope with all of the features that a typical AR shooter would expect, great optical quality, 30mm tube, and all that for a very reasonable price. Let’s look at what’s included with this package (scope rings shown not included in scope package)

This video should give you a good “up close and personal” view of the features and fit/finish for this scope. I’ve used a couple examples of this scope, and have found them to be very clear- my easily focusing on both the target and the reticle – not always the case for me since I wear glasses and that seems to complicate focus issues to an extent. Light gathering is also great. Looking forward to seeing how this scope will perform on the AR-308 rifle as we work our way through testing handloads!


3 thoughts on “AR-308 – Millett TRS-1 4-16x50mm Scope Overview”

  1. In the AR15, you used a 6-24 x 50mm…, here on the AR-10, my assumption a longer range rifle, your using a 4-16x50mm, a ‘shorter zoom’ optic… Can you provide some thoughts on what parameters you should drill into for the different zoom/field of view options in the marketplace when outfitting a rifle…. I don’t know anything about optics,… so a good primer would be helpful before I go to outfit a rifle.

    I made up my first 223 handloads and went to the local indoor range, 25 yards, using an EoTech w 3x magnifier. It has a 2MOA dot, so I suppose that’s the best one can hope for. Standing w/ a tripod on a shelf (not the most stable of platforms I know) I got between 4.3 and 11.496moa (Thanks for the link to OnTarget) using factory and various loads of h335. So I suppose, my question is, given different optic options, how can we properly set accuracy expectations….?

    1. Tim- for AR-308, I definitely wanted to try something different 🙂 The Millett is quite different than the Nikon. All else being equal, a high magnification range is nice, but you do make some tradeoffs with MOA adjustment range (on AR-MPR that meant I couldn’t use the Nikon M-223 mount – for Monarch not enough MOA adjustment). The reticles are also very different. 🙂

      Regarding accuracy expectations, I’d start with the rifle. If you are shooting a rifle with a good trigger, and with free-floated handguard and match grade barrel, then you have a package that should be capable of sub-MOA performance (harder to attain with semi auto than you may think!). The scope is just as important. Repeatability, quality internals, and a good mount are all paramount to shooting accurate at long ranges.

  2. I suspect the Nikon M-308 was not available when you made your decision on optics in 2011. Would you still make the same decision on the Millett TRS-1, given the availability of the Nikon M-308?

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