AR-308 – LR-308B Rifle Overview

In this post and video, we’ll see exactly what you get in the box when you take delivery of a DPMS LR-308B rifle. I’m always wanting to know what I’m getting before I buy something, so I figured you all would appreciate a comprehensive unpacking write-up for this rifle!

Here’s a video showing what’s in the box, and also showing a test of the factory trigger pull weight:

And here’s a picture (click for larger version) that outlines what’s included:

LR-308B rifle package as delivered from DPMS - Image coypright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

Here’s a list of what’s included:

  1. DPMS LR-308B Rifle (comes in protective plastic liner) – 308 Winchester caliber, 18.5″ match-grade bull barrel, A3-style flat top, fixed buttstock, freefloat handguard
  2. Hard case with foam liners
  3. 2 Magazines (20 round)
  4. Operator’s manual and catalog
  5. Rifle strap
  6. Chamber flag (yellow)

This rifle has a great reputation for precision, accuracy, and quality. I can’t wait to see how well it will shoot. It feels nice – points nice – looks nice. With a few tweaks and add-ons (namely trigger and optics) this rifle will be ready for serious range duty!

Anyone else out there have LR-308 rifles that they want to share about? Please leave a comment!


9 thoughts on “AR-308 – LR-308B Rifle Overview”

  1. Gavin,
    I am really looking forward to this 308 project. I bought a 308 rock river with about the same setup, but I have not bought the 308 die set or plate for my Hornady reloader.
    I don’t know when you will cover the reloading aspect, but if you could recommend a die set that would be very helpful. I have a Hornady progressive reloader, and was thinking to get the two die set . Plus you get a 100 free bullets with it too. I will be using reloading ones fired cases.
    Thanks agian Gavin and hope to see more videos very shortly.
    Have a great day!

    1. John- the Hornady two piece die set is a great way to go. The seater has a sliding collar design similar to the Redding competition seating die – very nice! If you are going to reload once-fired military brass, you’ll want a small base sizer on hand (Redding and RCBS both make good ones). We’ll get into more details in the next phase of AR-308!

      1. Gavin,
        Thanks for the reply, I definitely will be looking forward on the reloading video. By the way I did order the Hornady 2 die set (546358) and the microjust seating stem (0444090). Also, the concentricity tool (050076). I will be using once-fired miltary brass (lake city-LC stamping) and (International Cartridge Corp.- ICC stamping.). I did a few already about 40 brass cases. Cleaned them with the tumbler is as far as I got. The next step is wait for the video on reloading. I watch other on youtube, it’s amazing the different way people reload from annealing to weighing the bullets. I have found any one weighing the brass cases, only neck turning. My under standing is that the neck is uneven in thickness, but do that anneal the brass first or size it first not sure on that.
        Thank again,

  2. Gavin

    That’s a nice looking rifle you have there. A few questions. How is the alignment between the front and rear picatinny rails and is there a gap between the front rail and the front of the handguard? Also, how does the stock trigger pull compare to that of the AR MPR project trigger?


  3. Gavin,

    Looking forward to following this project. Last year I bought a DPMS LR-308. Mine is equipped with the 24″ bull barrel (fluted). Extras include JP trigger group, JP speed hammer, JP one piece scope mount, Leupold LRT 4.5-14 power scope, and Harris bi-pod. I’m currently trying to find a load it likes, but it seems to like just about everything. One load that yielded a 5 shot, one hole group was 40.0 gr. of IMR 8208 behind a 168 gr. Match King using a Fed. 210M primer. Still need to fine tune it, but so far lots of fun. BTW, the gun doesn’t like to run dry. I had a small feeding problem and thought it was a bad mag. Called the factory and they told me to run it wet. They were correct.

    1. Thanks for the info! Sounds great. Question for you- what kind of rest do you shoot off (bipod?). Can you elaborate on your oiling/cleaning suggestions? How does she shoot at longer ranges?

      1. Gavin, I shoot off the bipod with a rabbit ear bag at the rear. As for testing at longer ranges, I haven’t had an opportunity to shoot at longer ranges. The county range, where I shoot, is limited to 100 yds. My oiling regimen is a mish mash of things suggested by the “experts”. At this time I lubricate the bolt carrier rails with a light coat of automotive wheel bearing grease. I put a liberal coat of CLP on the inside of the carrier to allow the bolt to move freely. The wheel bearing grease is slippery, it doesn’t move around, and it’s high temp. So far, this is working well. I’m a little weird about cleaning. I usually don’t shoot more than 50 rounds at a time so it doesn’t get really dirty. I’m pretty anal about protecting the barrel throat and crown. I use a Lucas bore guide and I don’t pull bronze brushes back into the barrel when cleaning. When using a bronze brush it’s one way only. For reloading, I use RCBS, small base dies. No problems yet. I sent a photo of the group I described to DPMS. They seemed pleased, got a T shirt and cap out of the deal.

  4. I recently purchased the DPMS LR 308b. It is the exact one you showed in you video. I used the DPMS suggested break in procedure from their website and I keep it well lubed with Rem Oil. I didn’t have any problems with the rifle until I tried feeding my first hand loads through it. I load 150 grain Hornady sst’s and I had some 168 grain Hornady Match grades also; both loads jammed badly! I tried several time to see if there was some sort of issue and all I can figure is the gun does not like L.C. brass. After getting the casing jammed in my barrel a handful of times I switched back to some cheap store boughts I used for break in purposes and it fed them through fine. Is this typical for this gun, I was under the impression is could handle either kind of brass? I outfitted the gun with a Sightmark Photon 6.5L digital night vision scope and a 850nm Nightcore IR illuminator. Very pleased with the gun but sure would like to use my own hand loads; all I know to do at this point is reload the cheap brass that came with the cheap bullets and save the L.C. brass for my Remington 700 .308 (it likes them just fine). Thanks for any feedback.

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