138 thoughts on “Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Feeder – Loading 45 ACP”

    1. I do know Hornady is working on it, but I’m not sure when the product will be introduced. Perhaps they’ll have info at the SHOT show!

  1. Gavin, what’s the deal with that bracket on your powder measure, with the screw at the bottom, presumably used to control the amount of expansion on the case mouth? Is that a Hornady product, or something you made yourself? I don’t see any reference to it on Hornady’s website. I have a LNL AP (an early adopter) but found the original powder thru expanders were worthless, but I’ve heard the newer ones work better.

      1. Confirmed – my new Hornady LNL AP that arrived from Sinclair Intl. just recently did indeed come with the Bracket for the PTX . (PTX powder funnel bracket part number is 290049)

          1. I called Hornady today, they refer to it as a “powder measure stop” and they are currently out of stock. If your press doesn’t have one they are charging $7.50.

  2. Gavin,
    I just started loading on a LNL AP press. I’m loading 9mm and using an RCBS lock out die to check powder measures. I find that the plastic tip on the lock out die tends to stick (static?) to the granules of powder. The granules then end up between the base plate and the shell plate holder. Is this common? Any tricks to prevent it?
    thanx in advance for your time,

    1. This is common, especially if if the cases are full. I can be a real problem when the powder gets
      in the primer seater. I will really gum them up. If the seater starts sticking you need to take it
      apart and clean it. It is kind of a hassle as well.

    2. I had the same problem with my lock out die. I actually sprayed the white tip with graphite spray. once the spray dries, I polished it up lightly with a soft rag. It is very slick and shiny now. Oh yeah, no powder sticks to it either.

    1. from what i have seen you are going to have to do that step totally seperate from the progressive press stages. i would probably just set the depriming and resize die in a hornady classic single stage press and get them all done that way first before hand. do all your flash hole work, then run them through the progressive press. you will actually open up another station for you that way. alittle bit more time consuming but hey why hurry. your reloadding. i like my flash hole cleaned before priming them anyway so that is my 2 cents on it.

      1. If you have case feeder, Leave the sizing die with primer punch in the press. Take all other die’s out, Run the case’s though the press taking out the primers. Now clean the primmer holes. Take out the primer punch, set the rest of the dies up and go. Taking out primers is easier on the LNL AP than the single press.

  3. Can the Lee case feeder be retrofitted to the Hornady LNL Progressive? The Hornady case feeder looks like a high quality unit, but it is expensive. If the Lee case feeder can be retrofitted to the Hornady LNL Progressive press, this might be a good low cost option. Thoughts?

    1. Lee Case Feeder maybe used on your LNL, as I noticed from the construction of Lee. You need to provide a bracket to support the 4 chutes and the Funnel of the Lee Case Feeder.

      The height position of the Lee Case Feeder can be adjusted according to your bullet length and the position to the infeed of your LNL Case Slider can be swiveled.

      I think it would work well on your LNL! I have it on my LoadMaster, able to feed 9mm, 40SW and 45ACP.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. I just bought my LNL progressive press this Saturday and am quite impressed with the overall quality of the press. I found the following links on youtube to be quite interesting. I think I’m going to make a homemade case feeder. I doesn’t look that hard and should be a fun project.




  4. Hey,

    I just started loading 223 on my LnL. Things seem to go OK but I have an issue with the casefeeder that only happens with 223 brass. The casings will drop into the feeder tube web first but the 223 brass seems to be too narrow to reliably shut off the case feeder switch. What happens is that the tube fills up but the 223 cases don’t push on the feeder switch to shut off the motor. it works fine for 9mm, 357, 38, 45 ACP and 308 brass however. I can’t see anything in either LnL or case feeder manuals to suggest that I have an improper setup. I haven’t contacted Hornady but thought I would ask here first as you guys are the “real” users of this press. Any suggestions?


    1. I’ll look into it when I setup for .223 for the AR-MPR project. I’ve had that issue with some cases (357? can’t remember which…). Stay tuned!

      1. Thanks Gavin,

        It may just be my case feeder I don’t know. I did try to adjust the feeder switch lever but bending it slightly with a pair of pliers. There really isn’t any adjustment at all on the case feeder. I did get it working reasonably well for 223 but 45 ACP will get stuck now. That’s because the switch lever is too far to the center of the feed tube. Anyway, small changes got it working for both.

    1. I own the powderfunnel.com brand ptx. I am very satisfied with mine. I have not tried hornadys revised ptx though.

  5. Gavin where did you get your powder measure stop when using the powder through expanders. I can’t seem to find a source for it. Thanks Robert ==

    1. One of the readers posted this information: You may have to call Hornady to order this. I couldn’t find it on their site:
      Hornady PTX powder funnel bracket part # is 290049. Cost is $7.80.

  6. Gavin,
    Do you have a post/video on the PTX use and setup?

    With the case feeder can you run cases that have already been primed? That would then free up a station so I could seat and crimp separately.

    Thanks for teh great resource.


  8. Gavin,

    I’m just getting started reloading, I’ll be purchasing a press this week (Lee Classic Turret Press)
    I’m planning on reloading 9mm and .45acp. I’ve watched your videos (almost all of them) and found them to be detailed, enlightening and professional. (EXCEPTIONAL CAMERA WORK)
    I have a few questions regarding some of the reloading equipment that you’ve reviewed.
    What is your opinion on the following?

    1) RCBS bullet feeder die VS. Hornady EZ bullet feeder die?
    From your reviews, I know the Hornady collets are metal and the RCBS bullet fingers are plastic.
    Is there a chance, the metal collets of hornady’s bullet feeder die damaging or marring the bullet?
    In your experience, has RCBS’s bullet fingers shown ecsessive wear?

    2) I’m won’t be purchasing the automatic bullet feeder unit, Just the die.
    I‘d like to be able to pre-load bullets in the tube so I won’t have to place a bullet on each case.
    (I’d rather direct my attention to the powder checker die)
    Which die will accept a bullet feeder tube easier?

    3) Would it be more advantageous to purchase the RCBS bullet feeder die?
    I noticed Midway started selling the RCBS bullet feeder die and it lists multiple bullet fingers
    included with the kit. I’m not sure if they are spares in the same caliber or multiple calibers?

    4) I finally decided on my first press. (I think?)
    From watching your videos I want to separate bullet seating & crimping operations.
    I think I’ll need 2 presses for what I’d like to do,
    1) De-prime cases on a separate press (to keep the progressive press clean)
    2) Crimp after I check the cartridge overall length.
    The first press I’m thinking of purchasing is the Lee Classic Turret (4-station) w/spare Turret
    Turret #1 setup – powder charge, powder check, bullet feeder and bullet seating
    Turret #2 setup – De-prime & crimp (2 calibers) That gives me 4 stations for 2 calibers
    2 stations for 9mm – Station #1 de-prime, Station #2 crimp
    2 stations for 45acp – Station #3 de-prime, Station #4 crimp

    After watching your videos, I’m planning on purchasing a Hornady AP Progressive in the future.
    But for now, I ‘d like to know:
    What is your opinion of the Lee Classic Turret Press?
    Is there anything I should be aware of regarding the press’s reliability, durability & mechanical

    5) I’ll be using a Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure, What powders would you suggest for reloading
    9mm & 45acp?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated.



    1. Mike- I think starting with the classic turret would be good if you were going to be loading rifle (and some pistol) – but if you’re going to focus on pistol loading, I’d go straight for a progressive like the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP that you mentioned. I would start with just the press and no bullet feeder or case feeder to start. With the free bullets factored in, you’ll do well on that deal.

      The classic turret is great, but the safety prime system is not quite as solid as some of the other turret/single-stage priming systems. It does however load with the lee flip trays which are super quick and easy to use.

      Hope that helps!

  9. Gavin,

    Thanks for the prompt response!
    I might take your advice regarding purchasing a progressive press. Would you give me your opinion on the following:

    1) RCBS bullet feeder die VS. Hornady EZ bullet feeder die

    2) RCBS powder checker die VS. Hornady powder cop die

    3) What brand of powders would you suggest for reloading 9mm & 45acp? (NO LOAD DATA)



    1. 1) The nice thing about the Hornady bullet feed dies are that the two piece metal collet system is more durable I would say… I’m not sure you can buy the RCBS dies individually either.

      2) I use both the powder checker and the powder cop. The powder cop gives you less chance for error, but you do have to tweak it so that it doesn’t give “false positives” or “false negatives”.

      3) Start with Winchester 213 / Hodgdon HP-38 (same powder). It’s a good metering powder, very versatile, and burns reasonably clean…

  10. Hi, I am starting to reload bullets, first thanks for great videos.
    Let me ask you this, do you have any videos teaching how to setup and configure DIE calibration, I mean what distance of shell case the priming and sizing DIE needs to be?

    Sorry my bad english.

  11. Hi All,

    Does anyone know when these dies (38 Super) are going to be available again? I understand there is a large back log at the moment.



  12. Thanks for all the great L&L videos. I bought one thinking it would be a smoother press to operate than a Lee Loadmaster. I have not found that to be true. I have the case feeder and I am using Lee carbide dies. Here are a few of my problems and I hope you may have a few answers. 1. 9mm cases stick in the small pistol plate when they don’t drop and I have to pop them back into the hopper unjambing the case feeder. 2. cases jam up in the mouth by the switch, I have to pull the cases out with a pair of tweesers. 3. It seems as though cases are sticking in the resizing die and when it pulls off and the ram starts coming down it comes off with a snap and jerk which spills some of the powder out of the case coming out of the powder charging station. Do you think this is caused by the Lee dies Should I be using Hornady dies are they smoother or tapered a little more? I also use the factory taper crimp die at the end and the rounds function great.

    1. G Wolf- Let’s break this down:
      1. Case feed plate cases jamming- try adjusting the opening by sliding the metal plate, make sure you’re using the small pistol feed plate
      2. I have occasionally seen this with 45ACP, but not for 9mm that I can recall hopefully the adjustment for #1 will help
      3. Is this powder spillage (out of case) when the press indexes?

      Hopefully that will get things going in the right direction!

      1. I will try to close the case feeder trap door a little. Also I pulled up the small pistol plate and there is sand and trash collecting under the plate at the bottom of the hopper. There is no way out for this material. would drilling a small hole at the base be a problem say 1/4″ to allow the material to seep out? Also I pre sized my 9mm brass to take out any hanging up in the sizing die and have found the case is hanging up on the PTX expander die. I adjusted it slowly the just bell the mouth to get the bullet to hold in place. And yes the powder is being jarred out of the casing. Maybe the expander needs polishing. And it is a new one with the bar on the powder levers to take the pressure off the powder linkage. Keep up the good work.

  13. I tried out the new Hornady ptx but they would get stuck inside the cases and it took a crazy amount of pressure on the press arm to unstick them. Maybe case lube would help.

    Anyway, I went back to the Powderfunnel PTX and couldn’t be happier. I am using the new Powder stop, which helps in fine tuning the amount of mouth expansion. It also allows for positioning the powder measure exactly where you want it, to avoid bumping into the powder cop or seating die.

  14. I am just getting started with my LNL. I have the case and bullet feeders (though only case feeder’s installed so far). Have yet to put powder in powder drop and already broke a pawl (likely suspect primer getting stuck and not fully ejected). Hornady’s customer service was great sending me extra pawls and springs. I did this just setting up the sizing die in first station.

    Anyway here’s my issue: I’m trying to reload .38 Special (or at least get set up to do so). I’m having issues with two cases being dropped (one stacked on top of the other) onto the shell plate. I’ve run the bullet feed tube up and down with no improvement (but more jams) and I’ve run the little button on the swivel pushrod up and down (with jams but no improvement). What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance for your help and your excellent videos.

    1. I should also add that I’m using the large shell tube and the bushing in the shuttle. I’ve also got the tube adjusted to 1/16″ above case mouth per instructions. After watching Hornady’s video, I notice I’ve got a lot of cartridge sticking up out of bushing awaiting shuttle pivot compared to theirs. Because of that, i’m reminded I also sometimes get cases cocked sideways and lying across the shuttle.

      1. Paul I had the same problem with .38 special double feeding. There is one paragraph in the case feeder manuel mentioning that you need to lower the feed tube aprox 1/8 of an inch past the top of the case mouth. It goes against the general direction of set up but it worked for me. Hope it helps.

  15. Great Videos! I got a LNL AP set up with Case and bullet feeder. I ran into 2 Issues I hope you can help me out with.

    1) The bullet feeder die isn’t feeding bullets properly. I’ve tried adjusting collanders A & B and either it’s too tight to release a bullet or it’s too loose and the bullets come out without the case drop or may drop multiple bullets. I didn’t even tighten the adjustment screw the whole way, just enough to hear a slight movement of the collanders.

    2) The Primer feed system sometimes jams or misfeeds the primer. This caused the guide rod to get bent. I bent it back but is there a reason this happens?

    3) I also noticed you had a roller handle for the LNL AP like that on the Dillon’s do you know where I can find this??

    Other than that I am 150% satisfied with my Hornady LNL AP! Great set up and good quality!

    1. I can help with #2 & #3-

      2-with the primer system, you need to take a very small file and smooth all the edges that might catch an edge of a primer… they catch as the shuttle begins to come in to the shell plate on the edge of the tube/guard base that bolts it all on…. smooth that hard machined edge. also, keep the primer shuttle area CLEAN. do this and the problems will go away.

      3- Gavin sells the roller handles! they are great quality, but I have a tough time keeping mine from slowly rotating. look at the top of the list of Hornady videos…

  16. I see you have a small black bracket mounted on the front of your LnL press, that holds a bullet box. Did you make that or is it a part i can buy somewhere?

  17. Source of Timing Issues on my new LNL (also Primer Seating Failures):

    During initial set-up, I kept having problems with adjusting an small, but significant “over-travel” every 8-9 pulls. The factory steered me through the adjustment (1/16th right turn “hits” on left PAWL (Item # 32-33) of their Bill of Materials List on Page 21 of the Installation Manual). Took a few “hits” but sync’ed just fine. But then I had to remove the shell plate a couple of times, and the problem re-occurred !!!

    Hmmm … Called the factory and was told to mark the PAWL(s) and determine whether they were “too-loose and self-adjusting”.

    Did so. and moved onto settng up my primer feed … Installed the Small Primer Punch (#26), Installed the Primer Slide Small Assembly (#15), re-installed the Shell Plate (#12) and Spring Case Retainer (#17), and cycled the press around …. paying careful attention to the Primer Station … Which didn’t “look right” … the Punch (#26) didn’t appear to be cycling high enough to properly seat a primer!

    Disassembled everything and took a careful look at all parts as well as the Sub Plate (#24) … What? there appeared to be a tiny sliver of crud lodged inthe end of the “U-Shaped” cut-out in the SUB Plate (#24) where the Primer Slide (#15) travels and locks into position during primer seating …

    Bottom Line: this tiny sliver of crud was causing the Primer Slide (#15) from completing its cycle and thereby preventing the seating punch contained within the Punch (#26) from being fully deployed. This was an “Ah-Ha” moment: I now have a better understanding of why priming on the LNL can be problematic when powder spills occur … and it can also cause a slight “Short Cycling” … that are also likely to cause Timing-Issues.

    IMHO, Hornady should address this issue on the SUB PLATE (#24) itself … A bevel at the bottom of the “U” as well as a cut completely through the SUB PLATE (#24) would greatly lessen the impact of powder spills on primer seating as well as related timing issues.

  18. Issues with Powder Measures can be GREATLY REDUCED if not ELIMINATED by thoroughly wiping down all internal components, dies, PTX’s, drop tubes, etc with a dry Clothes Dryer Sheet …

  19. Just purchased a hornady progressive press. Having some serious issues with it. It will not index around far enough to pickup the shell feeder, its a 1/4 inch behind. When I bring the handle up for the next case, I can hear the pawl click but the shell plate is not center over the priming hole. If I keep on pushing up the primer comes up but the casing is not over the primer pocket. This also won’t let the next shell casing slide in. I have adjusted the pawl on the left but it still does not line up. I cannot use the case feeder because the shell plate will not line up correct.

    1. Terry your problem probaly is the pawl adjustments. They are tricky to adjust and it does not take much to change the rotation on the shell plate. Call Hornadys tech support and they will guide you through it. Just have the tools on hand and ready to make small changes. Also you might check under your shell plate and make sure there is no junk there.

  20. Gavin,
    I am looking to buy my first reloading press (decided on Hornady) and cannot decide if I should start with the classic single stage or get the progressive press. I will be doing a fair amount of 9mm and .40 pistol loads and then some rifle loads in smaller quantities for .308, .30-06, etc.

    I have never reloaded before – the customer service rep for Hornady suggested I look strongly at the single stage press as a starting point, but I am concerned about turning our hundreds of pistol rounds.

    Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

    1. I think long term you’ll want to have both a single stage, and a progressive. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I do not suggest starting with a single stage if you are loading pistol ammo. Ideally you would have such a press to learn on for a couple hours, but after that you will find reloading pistol ammo on the single stage press to be *very* time consuming. I would take your time with the progressive (send single round through the press at first) and start there.

      1. Thanks! I picked up the LNL AP press and a couple die sets and other items. I am looking forward to figuring it out over time.

  21. Gavin or anyone,

    I have been using the LNL AP for a couple of years now. I need some help on getting the precision to .10 of a grain on the powder drop when loading. I typically load 9mm and .45 ACP and see variations of .2-.5 on the powder drop. I use the Hornady PTX and the micrometer adjusters on the measure as well and I typically run WIN WST or Win 231 for my pistol loads. I have quit loading 5.56/.223 rifle on the press because I could not get drops very close using Varget.

    Any tips or tricks would be helpful.

      1. I am using the pistol rotor and insert. Another question is about the “v” shaped baffle position. Mine rests down against the metal housing of the powder measure.

  22. On every bullet feeder I have seen they all say for use with plated bullets only. Why? What happens when u use a regular lead bullet like a full wad cutter or semi wad cutter?

  23. Question…instead of holding the bullet up while the press moves upward so it connects with the case/brass have you or anybody tried using RCBS competition seater die that allows you to drop the bullet down the shaft?

  24. Gavin, are you considering adding powder measure spacers to your product offering, so that those who load various calibers don’t have to measure ans remeasure the spacing….plz

  25. Still having powder drop variances outside a 10th of a grain. I have disassembled, cleaned, re-lubed with graphite, and wiped with a drier sheet. What am I missing here? Do I need to be using the rifle rotor for 45 acp? I saw a mention of what rotor and then never a confirmation.

  26. Gavin, I have an issue with my LNL AP. When I load 9mm I noticed that on the first stage the shells tilt slightly (away from me) and hang up sometimes going into the resizing die. I actually had to switch from my Lee die to a Dillon resizing die that had a larger chamfer. This helped but I still have the problem every 50-100 shells. What would cause the shell to tilt? The shell plate is tight and the base plate the shell plate rides on is smooth. The index is perfect. I also have an issue with the EZject hanging up every once in a while and stopping the press. I have to pull out the shell. I’ve already polished the sharp edges with a stone and it’s better but not perfect. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

  27. Thanks Gavin. I got a Hornady single stage for Christmas and also bought a new LNL powder drop and was able to really tell the difference in powder drop consistency when the baffle had a consistent level of powder below it. I have been seriously thinking about getting a Dillon 650 or 1050 and setting it up for bulk loading. Have you done any research into the motorized accessories for these presses?

  28. Hi Gavin. I just purchased an lnl ap a few days ago and am also having the same problem Chris is with 45 acp. I had to adjust the left pawl slightly but that was unrelated. It appears the shellplate #45 is too big in the spring area and the spring is not touching the case at all.
    Hornady has shipped me another shellplate.
    Have you seen or heard of this frequently?

    I am using rcbs carbide dies

  29. Hi Gavin, or anyone else.

    Im fixin to buy the LNL AP Ammo Plant from midsouth for $1099.00. And the Classic press kit, along with electric scale and the hornady case prep system. Not sure wether or not to get a sonic cleaner or just and old fasioned media tumbler like the lyman pro 2000.
    Also with the LNL should I buy hornady dies or will the lee or Rcbs Dies do just as good without causing sticking.Any info would be greatly appreciated, since this will be my first endeavor into this wonderful Hobby.
    Also any suggestions on which shotshell proggressive presses to use and all things needed would be of great help.

    Thanks in advance for your time, and wisdom

  30. Gavin,

    i was watching your 30-06 and 308 videos and i noticed you have to hand feed the bullet up into the die on both. i have the 30-06 Hornady die and AP and the problem i have is that if i set the die high enough on the press the top screw doesn’t go far enough down to properly seat the bullet. if i set the die to match a the spec’d round, the bullet itself catches on the sleeve and falls out of the case. one of my more knowledgeable reloading friends says i should not have to touch the bullet before it feeds into the seating die but depending on the setting of the die, i either have to lift up the sleeve or hand feed the bullet into the sleeve like you do. my question is that if the Hornady 30-06 die is meant to go in a progressive press such as the AP, why is it that you have to mess with the die (holding the sleeve up) or hand feed the bullet as you are doing? logic would tell me that if this was the case, in order to set the die to the correct depth and not have the bullet touch the sleeve, Hornady would have some sort of spacer insert for the die to compensate for the lack of length on the seating die screw? i am hoping to take pictures of this and post them online for my friend so he can explain what i am doing wrong but your videos show the exact opposite of the same maneuver i am having to do. either lift the sleeve or feed the bullet into the sleeve while lifting the ram.

    am i completely off base here? does this make any sense at all that you should have to do this when logic dictates all you would need to do is put the bullet into the case and ram the press? please help me understand why this is not working as it should be ideally operating. i am using 180Gr. SST bullets, once shot brass, Hornady AP and dies, as well as the powder drop.

  31. Having problems with the 45 case tipping on station 5 seems to be an issue with unit trying to prepare for eject too early before the seating process is complete causing the bullet leaning and not entering the die {seating die} straight . Did all the polishing with emory cloth as requested by Hornady tech no succuss also the bullet shakes loose of the shell from station 4 to 5 regularly. streched the spring out and used severaly different springs not helping, everything is clean and lubed properly. I think there are machining issues with the sub plate myself any thoughts different from your previous posts, thanks. Wish you would make more of the ergo handles also. Thanks Gavin.

  32. Gavin,
    I have a LNL AP and so far have had timing issue and 308 issues. I fixed the timing issues using the pawls on the linkage but 308 is giving me some issues. It only happens with used brass. When I run it in the first station (for me it’s de-capping and sizing Hornady dies) the shell doesn’t insert itself all the way through. It gets stuck half way going up. Cases are lubed using one shot and are cleaned. I don’t know what else to do. New brass works like a char, but are snug. Any suggestions?

  33. Toward the end of this video in the close up of the bullet feed die you can see the lock n load bushing moving up and down. Wouldn’t this effect the depth and if it is loose to start it will only get worse.
    thank you

  34. Thanks for all the good videos and tips on the Hornady LnL. I followed all Hornady’s instructional video’s on how to set up my AP but no-where did it say anything about a pistol and rifle powder metering difference. Hornady comes with the rifle pre-installed and I would have went with that if not for your video explaining the difference. I’m obviously new to loading and meticulous and cautious about proceeding on anything and it took me a couple of weeks to set up and running. I put my Hornady on a Dillion stong mount farther from the edge of the bench which is easier for me to pull down as I’m not that strong. which slowed me down as I mounted the strong mount of top of two 4x6s.
    Again thanks for the tip on the different metering systems and the micro metering system that I just sent for. Hornady should hire you to do their instructional videos.

  35. I seat and crimp in station 5 also. However, I notice the retaining spring tilts the bullet (I don’t have the bullet feeder) inward which forces me to hold the case and bullet verticle till it contacts the die.
    I notice you do not have this issue. What do you do about the case/bullet beig slightly tipped?
    The case is on top of the sping partially.

  36. I am thinking about getting a Hornady L-N-L, but I want to reload .223 Remington with the bullet feeder. Is there any way to get a pistol bullet feeder that will do the .224 caliber bullets? I really would like to get the Ammo Plant that they just came out with, but I really want to get .224 bullets in. If anyone knows, please reply.

  37. Gavin:

    Bought new L-N-L AP progressive. My .40 Lyman Sizing Die hits on top of case a lot. I think it best I just change Die sets. I am going with Sizer/deprimer, powder measurer with ptx expander, powder cop, bullet feeder die (1 at a time), seating/taper die. Is this a good mix and also I am going to purchase Hornady Dies instead. What do you recommend, Series II or Series IV

  38. Gavin, well done on a great website.
    I am considering buying a Hornady LNL AP primarly for .308 WIN.
    I note Hornady does not do a rifle bullet feeder for this unit.
    Apart from dropping the bullets into the case by hand, is there another easier way to get bullets ready for seating.

  39. gavin, i`m at my last straw with my ap. i cant get it to index right i sent it to the factory twice the second time they fixed it but after a hundred rounds of 9mm the pawl chiped i replaced the pawl and spent 3 hours adjusting it with no luck. i can get it close but it still wants me to jitter the handle. the factory replaced everything shy of the frame itself and now i`m right back to square one. any suggestions would be great. ps i`m making 1/16th increment turns till it bottoms out on the indexing wheel then i go back in

  40. For someone who is just starting, is buying new brass pretty much the only option?
    Or once fired is also to consider? (for pistol only).

    Thank you.

  41. hey gavin been wanting to get into reloading, and finely made up my mine on what system to get , here it is the hornaday l-n-l ap progressive press, my question is this. I live near grass valle ca, and want to know if you or anyone else knows where i can buy this system locally without having to go on line to order it thanks to you and everyone out here

  42. Could you please give me a list of everything I need to buy to do the .45 ACP reloading with this setup exactly..
    I am kind of new to this and I dont want to get my hopes up buying half of everything and not knowing I needed 10 other pieces!

  43. Gavin,

    Do you plan on doing any videos or reviews on shotshell reloading equipment? My dad always told me that “A handgun is just a backup to get you to a REAL gun (Shotgun)”. For us home defense people I was wondering if anything in the shotgun realm is in the works.

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