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  1. This was an older question regarding using the Lee 4 tube case feeder or the Lee 4 tube bullet feeder. I have seen YouTube video’s on both. The bullet feeder is simpler, the builder fashioned a collar that fit over the appropriate Hornady bullet feed die and adapted to the Lee black plastic rotating 4 tube bullet feeder. It seemed to work well.
    The case feed tube system involved fashioning a slider that moved back and forth pushing the case into the shell plate. Instead of having an automatic angled drum that feeds the cases the top portion of the case feeder is the Lee black rotating device with 4 tubes loaded with cases. As the ram moves to the top the slider pushes up on a second slider, which accepts a case from one of the tubes and drops it onto the lower slider, which then returns to the shell plate as the ram is lowered. It seemed to work fine. The Lee case collator sits on top of the 4 tubes and is loaded in the usual way. However, the Lee collator is prone to allowing cases to slide down into the tube upside down, which is a big hassle.

  2. I have been searching your website for any article that states which progressive reloader is the best and unfortunately have had no luck. Can you send me a link to any such article if it exists?

      1. Interesting write up. I am glad that I chose Hornady as the FIRST AP loading press. I like it so much that I may go with Hornady for my single stage/precision press, but I am doing well using my AP for precision reloading right now.

        I did about 6 months of research before buying the LNL AP. I was attracted to Lee’s cost and Dillons reputation. Lyman and RCBS did not appeal to me as they both seemed to be moderately built and moderately priced. Redding was just priced over the top for me. So it was a tie between Dillon and Hornady.

        The ONE THING that I NEVER see mentioned about the “value” of Hornady was the “Get Loaded” promotion. I got my LNL when they were offering 1000 free bullets. I got 10 boxes of .45 XTP bullets FREE when I bought my press. That was a street value of over $200 dollars. I also bought my press from Cabelas when it was on sale and they also had a $20 off promotion. Factoring in the free bullets, my total outlay was around $135 for the LNL AP!

        Dies – Redding and Dillon are probably better, but Hornady are “good enough” for progressive reloading and also have a promotion for 100 free bullets…. The average price for a die set is $40-$45. With a street value of $20 for bullets you are only laying out about $25 for a well made set of dies.

  3. Great site – lots of information. Perhaps I’m over thinking thing (which I tend to do). I want to increase my practice time with my .45 and my wife and her friend just picked up a couple of .45’s so I am going to take the reloading plunge to save cost.
    I’ve researched and decided on the Hornady Lock & Load AP. Out side of the bullets, primers and powder, what else do I need to start reloading with this press? Does it come with all the dies I need? Do I really need a tumbler?
    Thanks for answering a “noob”‘s questions.

    1. Hi Peter, a tumbler is important to clean the brass before running through the dies and possibly damaging them or at the least wearing them out faster.
      You will also need a caliper, scale, bullet puller, reloading books, boxes for the reloaded ammo.

      Be safe!

  4. 45/70 223 308 270 45Auto 44Mag 45Long 40Auto 9mm 22-250 . Need dies and plate,power measure, scale, trimer, tumbler, shell tray,grease tray for shell, and whatever. Would like to know the price it take to setup a Hornady Lock-N-Load press with everything I have listed. If more is needed add it to it. Thanks

      1. I am interested in purchasing the bullet tray and handle you have on your Hornady LNL AP. How/where do I order these products?


  5. Hi:

    I have a Lock N Load that has been causing me some problems. The powder drop hangs up and will leave empty shells if I do not catch it. About 10-15% of the times. It seems to cycle fine empty, with no powder, but stifly almost with a grinding feeling with powder. I have been using 700x and Red Dot to date. I talked with Hornady and it was suggestd that I reclean and lube the unit, which I have done with One Shot twice without any improvement.

    I would appreciate any sugguestions you may have.
    Jerry Uick

    1. is the spring installed? or does it need a stiffer return spring. Is their anything that is causing it to hang up with the linkage?

    2. Are you using the rifle insert vs the pistol insert? There will be grinding and uneven charges dropped as the insert is designed to dispense rifle charges. I made the same mistake, once I figured it out everything is perfect.

  6. i saw one of your videos last week and you were changing something under the progressive plate to some other type of plate on the hornady. i’m thinking about getting back into reloading and will need some advise on equipment and costs

  7. Hi Peter, totally new to reloading, so far I have researched RCBS, LEE, Dillon and Hornady, for some reason the Hornady appeals to me more. However, since I am new I am wondering if this unit will serve my purpose. I love shooting my 1911’s but the ammo is getting to be extremely expensive, a good friend of mine does reloads and is pushing me to buy a single stage press, but that looks too time consuming. He says that I need a single stage press bcuz I am new at reloading. Dont know how much of that statement is true though.

    In regards to cost effectiveness will this unit work for me? What else do you recommend for a newbie like me? Besides the reloading manual, etc. Also, whats an LNL AP? I appreciate all the help that you can offer, we all start out new, so please bare w me and my silly quesitons.

    Thank for your service~! I am a combat military veteran, I have served many and like you we all provide our energy, time, sometimes life for others but we do it because we love to serve and do for others and of course serve this great nation of ours. Which isn’t perfect but its one of the best countries in the world.

    Thanks, Robert

    1. Robert,
      I don’t know if you got a response, but I was in the same boat you were/are. I finally went with the Hornady L&L AP press. I am thrilled with this product, there is a learning curve with this press as I would imagine any of the others. I was going to buy the dillon AP, but was unable to find a decent buy online.
      Here’s an important piece of information that new reloaders lose sight of. You’re not just buying a press, you have to buy the consumable supplies, the dies, the plates, the shell feed plates, the bullet feed dies, powder cop die…it all adds up. Don’t forget building a nice bench, the case lube, cleaners… Here’s what I mean. You can buy new unprimed brass (45 ACP) 100 cases for just under $40. But you can buy a loaded rounds (50) for about $20.00. So if you’re thinking about buying brass, don’t buy loaded rounds to start it’s cheaper.
      There is a benefit and enjoyment that you get from it, but the initial cost is expensive. My setup ran just over $2000 and still climbing. I reload for 9mm, 45LC, 45ACP, 30-06, 5.56, 308, 7.62*39.

      1. A couple of corrections. What I meant to say was buy loaded rounds to start with it’s cheaper than buying unprimed new brass in most cases.

        Other accessories, that drive up costs, to keep in mind as well,. Brass trimmer/or case prep center, scale, concentric tool, bullet head puller and any other accessories. You definitely lose sight of all of the other pieces that make a successful reloading bench.

  8. I have the bullet feeder and seem to have difficulty adjusting the expanding die so that there is enough casing flare to have the bullet drop so that it seats properly.

    when i adjust the expanding die so that there is enough casing flare for the bullet to drop in properly…when the bullet is completed the case is too large (when checked with a case gauge). i have to manually hold the bullet upright until the seating die can keep the bullet positioned properly.

    i also have noticed that when the indexing takes place the shell plate clicks slightly sometimes making powder jump out of the casing.

    i have also tried to order the PTX that you talked about but get no reply from them.

    any help would be appreciated.

  9. i am a beginner looking to buy a press i like hornady lock & load but see a lot of videos with people not happy with it and i have been looking a Dillon 1050 just want to make the right buy thanks love you videos to there vary helpful let me know about the press thanks mark 🙂

    1. Mark,

      I purchased the Hornady LNL as a beginner a few months ago after alot of research. I have to tell you after watching the videos and some time I am reloading like a pro. I am reloading 45’s, 308, 223,30-06 and 8mm with no problems. Make sure as with any press you pay attention to the small details and how to set up the dies properly. I had some trial and error in the beginning.

  10. Does anyonebhave an update onthe Hornady .223 bullet feeder dies that is ‘coming soon’?

  11. I am running a ammo plant lock n load with a case feeder. My dies are Hornaday. I am having trouble with powder spilling out of the case. It seems to index hard and tosses out a couple of grains. I have over 5000 rounds through it. I load 9mm and 300 blackout, and it does it on both. I talked to Hornaday today they say set the index detente I with a brass punch. I’m not to keen on that, but I would like the reloader to run smooth like yours. Any ideas?

  12. I am loading with LNL AP my problem is bullet seating no matter what I do I can’t get a consistent C.O.L.. examples 40S&W 1.121 to 1.125, 45acp 1.254 to 1.261, 223 rem. 2.260 to 2.251. my brass is all within .001, any suggestions?

  13. I’ve been using the LNL AP press now for a couple of years and loaded 10,000 + rounds of various calibers, and have had an issue with the shell plate not turning smoothly since it was new. Adjusted the timing pawls, lubed the detents on the shell plates, etc., but still the same issue. Decided to dis-assemble the ram and found that the collar that the shell plate bolts to had a rough spot on one side, causing it to drag every fifth pull of the handle. Took some fine emery cloth to the collar along with the base plate that it rides in and smoothed it out, and polished it with some Flitz cream, and finished it off with some Froglube, and this press runs as smooth as butter. No more problems with it spilling powder or setting primers!

  14. I have a Hornady LNL AP problem with the case feeder. I’m loading .357 Mag (new Starline brass) and the cases won’t load from the hopper to the drop tube. I’ve tried both small pistol and large pistol feed plates with the same results(takes about 15 minutes to fill the tube). This is the first I’ve tried loading .357Mag. I’ve used it to load .38 Special with no problems. Any one else run into problems with this or any ideas to solve the problem?

    1. The Hornady case feeder does not like .357 Mag cases. The extra length over .38 Spcl. makes them slightly top heavy. As the case feed wheel rotates upward, the cases tend to topple out before they reach the drop tube. I solved the problem by replacing the feed wheel with one that I made from 1/2″ think plastic. I simply duplicated the Hornady plate which is only 1/4″ thick. The extra thickness prevents the cases from falling out. It works equally well with .38 Spcl. brass. Unfortunately, I don’t know how one could make the new plate without machining capabilities.

  15. I have been researching for new equipment and narrowed down to Dillon 650xl and the Hornady LNL ammo plant. I was wondering how Hornady handles warranty claims. Or how they stand behind their equipment. I know I really like their ammo. I am leaning more towards the ammo plant because, the powder drop seems to be much better product and the half space index on up and down stroke. but I have seen on this sight and some others that Dillon is impeccable, when it comes to any problems or wear on their machines.
    Anyone ever deal with Hornady? other than the purchase of equipment and of course free bullets. That is a good deal though, 500 or more with machine and a 100 with die sets….

  16. I am upgrading from a lee loadmaster to a hornady lock n load. Will my lee dies work in the hornady? I have read in multiple places that they will work. Some have said that the depth is different in the lock n load?? Has anyone run this set up and if so…how is it working for you?? Thanks for the input. I haven’t got my loader yet, can hardly wait for it! Neil

  17. I purchased the Hornady LNL Ammo Plantin January 2013. It has had every possilble problem you could think of. During assembly the base plate was manufactured wron and they sent me a new one. Then the primer feed tube would rub against the press. They replaced that but I still had to shim it a little but at least it worked. The plastic case drop tube was to large to to fit into either the press of the case feeder, they replaced that. The aluminum case drop tube was poorly made and was solidly filled with shavings. I removed the shavings and polished the aluminun drop tube. Suprise! the power measure worked fine. As i get to the bullet feeder and I find it to was bored out wrong and looks like it has threads where there should be any, they replaced that also. Bullet seating went well all that is left is for the maching to eject the completed case and the ejector cuts into the base of my ammo and lodges there. I call Hornady once again and they have me return the allready replaced base and the shell holder. A couple of weeks later I get the replacements in the mail an I am excited to finally get to reload some ammo. But wait as the case comes around the press and gets to the bullet seating position I notice that the cases now tilt inward on the press and will not go into the bullet seating die. I again call Hornady and they very kindly, as always, said they would take care of the problems and they ask me to return the A&P press for repair without the case feeder, bullet feeder or primer feeder so they can repair the machine once again. I was also asked to include 6 empty cases for them to work with. It is now January 2014, 1 year since my original purchase, I sent the press back friday for hopefully the last time and I am waiting for Hornady to return this very expensive piece of junk. With all the problems this press has had I would think a reputible company like Hornady would just replace the entire thing. I have left out the details of the smaller problems I ran into but I think you get the picture. I have been reloading for 35 years and I currently own 1 single stage press, 2 progressive presses and 2 shotshell presses. I have never had as many problems with all my other presses combined as I have had with the Hornady A&P Ammo Plant.

    1. I wanted to follow up on my problems with the Hornady LNL Ammo Plant. After sending a letter to Steve Hornady explaining the problems I have had with this press I recieved a phone call this morning informing me that Hornady will be sending me a new LNL Ammo Plant. They said they would be fully assembleing and testing the new press before shipping it to me. I am very happy that Hornady is going to make things right with me. Thank you Hornady. I am hopefull that all will be well with the new press.

  18. Dear Gavin,

    I want to buy an Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Ammo Plant complete with case feeder, bullet feeder, deluxe control pannel, powder checker, and competion dies for .38/.357 Magnum. Please could you sent me the complete list of articles that I need ? I don’t want to order in double but I don’t want forget anything…

    Thank a lot,

    Julien LEONARD

  19. I’m new to reloading and have a Hornady AP with Case Feeder. I saw the awesome handle you have on your press and was wondering where to get one and why you no longer offer them?

  20. Gavin, I’m new into reloading and I like this Lock and Load Set up from hornady… My question is, is the LNL designed for rifle reloading? Will I get accurate results from my bullets?? I see a lot of videos of pistol reloading and very little on rifle… I’m looking to Reload 7mm – 30-06 – 300 ultra mag and 25-06.. Will this LNL give me the precision accurate shots that I’m looking for??

  21. Do you by chance have anymore of your really cool reloading press ergo handle/? If you could look through your left overs Id be very very intrested in finding out a way to get one, or just the Belleted silver handle

  22. Hi, I was just wondering why you didn’t make a comparison with RCBS progressive pro 2000 reloader or the RCBS pro auto index. How would these two RCBS reloaders compare to Hornady or Dillion.
    Thank you for your comparison.

  23. I have both the hornady L-N-L loader with bullet feeder and the Dillon 1050 with bullet feeder. The hornady is a constant battle to use and does not feed the case well at all, frequently causing brass to fall or need assistance to properly line up in the shell plate. I use it still only because I suffer from arthritis in my hands so its slightly better than hand feeding each piece of brass. The dillon case feeder system is trouble free for the most part. Its quieter by far and almost never miss-feeds a case. The only miss-feed cases are due to a rare case upside down. The hornady will give upside down case far more frequently

  24. I am brand new at reloading. So new that I haven’t even taken the press rig out of the box. I have a Hornady Lock N Load classic deluxe and don’t know where to start. Is the any kind of instructional video or text of where to start, like a out of the box set-up? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi,
      If you have not found it yet Hornady usually includes a DVD outlining press setup that is pretty good. If not go to You Tube and search for Hornady LNL AP set up. There are a lot of good videos there

  25. Hello, I’m looking to buy the hornady 366 progressive shotshell reloader, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. The hornady website says temporarily suspended. Do u know where or when I would ge able to find one? Thank you

  26. Could you PLEASE do a video on adjusting the 366 crimp die. The manual is about as clear as mud.
    I’m sure if i could see it done it will be much more clear to me.

    Thank you
    Victor K. Forsberg
    Kingman, Arizona

  27. I have just purchased a Hornady LOL Auto Plant and I was wondering what Bullit feeder will it come with. It says a Pistol bullet feeder will I be able to reload small rifle with it or will I have to buy the Rifle plate to reload 223 or 22-250.

    1. Hi Terry,
      The LNL AP does not come with any bullet feeder, you would manually insert a bullet after the powder charge. You can buy as an option a bullet feeder that you would manually fill the tube or you can buy on e fully automated. You also would need to buy a bullet feed die set and bullet tubes specific to the caliber you are loading. The cost would be around $35.00 for the die set and $35.00 for the tubes for manual bullet fill (ebay prices). The fully automated one is around $250.00 to $300.00 and you would still need to but the dies set and tubes.
      Hope this helps

  28. I have a lock n load progressive reloader. I have been having problems with cracked AP brackets which is the plastic bracket that holds the AP breakaway cam wire down inside the breakaway plunger. The plastic bracket cracks on the under side after about 500 rounds. Seems the primer slide, as it moves in and out while rolling on the cam wire, puts excessive upwards pressure on the underside of the bracket forcing the bracket upwards and causes fatigue leading to a crack. When it finally cracks, the cam wire keeps popping out of the breakaway plunger. Then the priming mechanism no longer works. It doesn’t take long for the failures to occur. Any tips on solving this problem? One thing I have done is I noticed the cam wire had oxidized and rusted in some areas so I sanded it down with superfine sand paper, then buffed it with steel wool. Put a very light film of grease on the wire where the primer slide pulley runs and also WD-40’d the primer slide pulley as well, thinking the oxidation was causing undue friction on the wire and the excessive upward pressure on the plastic bracket. The other thing I did was shim up the under side of the cam plunger to reduce the amount of “play” in the breakaway action of the wire and that seems to help. I am concerned the shimming of the plunger was not a good idea but Imhad to do SOMETHING. This is very frustrating. Any help someone can lend would be appreciated.

  29. I bought 2 of the hornady bullet feed dies. 45 and 9mm. Cant get them to feed set them up by following the dir that came with them. Please help

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