AR-MPR: Build Part 1 – Upper – Ejection Port Cover and Forward Assist

Now that we covered planning, the parts lists, and the tools list, it’s time to get going with the AR-15 build process! We’ll start with the upper assmbly, and then move on to the lower assembly. In this video, we’ll start with the upper receiver casting, and install the ejection port cover and forward assist. Next, it’s on to the barrel, gas block, and gas tube.

Do you have tips or tricks that you want to share related to these assembly steps? Please comment on this post if so…


8 thoughts on “AR-MPR: Build Part 1 – Upper – Ejection Port Cover and Forward Assist”

  1. In your videos you keep covering up what you are doing with your hands. I suggest a different camera angle to better allow us to see each step. When you installed the forward assist roll pin all we could see was your hand and wedding ring.

    1. Thanks, it’s turning out to be a lot of fun. I can see why guys already starting thinking about their next AR build while they are finishing their first… 🙂

  2. Question: On your barrel install you use a wrap around block that keeps the upper in place in the vice.
    DPMS has an block that keeps the upper in place with two pins which one is superior?

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