Hornady Bullet Feeder – In The Shop!

You may have noticed that retailers have finally started stocking the new Hornady Bullet Feeder for pistol reloading. This is an exciting release, because this is the first bullet feeder that’s the same “color” as the corresponding press and electric case feed system that it’s designed to work with.

I have actually spent some time with a pre-production prototype of this system by testing it in my studio (in fact, the same unit that was shown at last year’s SHOT show…) and can tell you that it is packed with great features. This will be my first experience with a production unit, so I’m really looking forward to trying it out. One of the most interesting features of this bullet feeder kit is the two-piece metal collet system in the dies. More on that later! Like every piece of equipment, it has its strengths and weaknesses, but I like what I’ve seen so far, and I know from talking with the guys at Hornady that they made several improvements for the production version.

While I’m really busy with the AR-MPR project, I’m still going to try and bring you all a video here soon showing it in action on the Lock-N-Load (we’ll save interoperation with other presses for later…).

What caliber do you guys want to see it feeding bullets for?


24 thoughts on “Hornady Bullet Feeder – In The Shop!”

  1. 223 Rem.

    Additionally, I know it’s for jacketed/plated bullets only, but I want to see someone load cast bullets. I’m curious what problems you’ll encounter…if any.

  2. What caliber do you guys want to see it feeding bullets for?

    Gavin, .40 Cal would be great to see.

    Thanks, Pete

  3. Hey Gavin lets just start with the old tried and true 45 ACP. I plan on purchasing one of these units as they become available.

  4. Gavin

    I vote for HD video of 45ACP being loaded.

    Take it to the limit and use the Power Pistol funnel as an Expander in the Powder drop. Run the RCBS Lockout die station 3

    Only negative you will seat and Crimp in the same step 5.

    This should make it just about the best production press on the market.


  5. I would like to see 9mm with the powder funnels PTX expander as I just received mine and have not used it yet….

    I have a bullet feeder and all of the dies on order and my supplier tells me it is in transit to him and he will have it Friday…:)

    The bad news is that he tells me the 9mm die has been recalled by Hornady and has to be sent back for a rework before he will send it to me, this will delay my bullet feeder a couple of weeks for sure….:(


  6. Gavin, I vote for the .45ACP simply because of the bullet’s over-all length in relation to it’s height. The .45ACP would be more prone to turn sideways, or up-side down, than most other projectiles. Then, I would be interested in seeing how it handles really light projectiles, i.e. >52 grain .223/.224. I would suspect that a heavy, long bullet would have fewer problems, and be easier to adjust correctly. Thanks a “load”!

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