AR-MPR: Sponsor Highlight: Brownells

When I started to prepare for this project, I decided to reach out to partners in industry that could help me put this project together, and who are leaders in their area of business. I contacted Larry Weeks at Brownells and had a quick discussion with him about what I was going to do, and he said- We’d love to help! For this project, Brownells has offered assistance with tools, parts, and expertise.

Brownells has a great collection of resources that you can find on their website to help you with your AR-15 project. They also sell a vast array of tools, parts, and accessories related to building and maintaining your AR-15 rifle. One of the most helpful resources is GunTech- where you can watch videos related to gunsmithing and gun care. I’ve personally watched all of the How to Build an AR-15 videos in order to prepare for this project. I’m going to complement these videos (rather than just mimic them in a redundant way). I’ll also narrow my focus towards building a precision A3 style varminter/competition AR-15 as opposed to the comprehensive and general information that you’ll find at Gun Tech.

So, thank you Brownells! I’ll be linking to the product pages for parts and tools used for this project so that you can find them easily at

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