Lock-N-Load AP Specs


Manufacturer Hornady Manufacturing
  Model Lock-N-Load AP
  Press Type Progressive Auto-Indexing
  Item code 95100
  MSRP $499.54
  Warranty Lifetime
  Year Introduced 1995
  # of stations 5 (true stations)
  Maximum cartridge length  2.5″ case, 3.4″ COL
  Indexing Automatic, clockwise, 1/2 index increments, ball detent
  Frame Construction Cast aluminum
  Ram diameter 2″
  Lubrication Zerc fittings (grease)
  Dimensions (no case feed)
Weight ~22 lb
  Width 14″
  Depth 9.5″
  Height (overall) 34″
  Height (above bench) 25.5″
  Height (below bench) 9.5″
  Depth into bench 4″
  Dimensions (with case feed)
Weight ~34lb
  Width 14″
  Depth 16″
  Height (overall) 46″
  Height (above bench) 38″
  Height (below bench) 9.5″
  Depth into bench 9″
  Press mounting
Hole pattern 2, 4″ between centers 5/16″ bolts reccomended
  Notes See mounting details page
  Dies, shellplates, case retention
Die mounting Lock-n-Load bushing system (drop in and rotate 1/8 turn)
  Die compatibility All standard 7/8″ 14 TPI dies in all stations (Some Lee dies require bottoming out)
  Shellplate type EZ-Ject, center bolt
  Case retention Circumferential spring (singular) spans all stations
  Priming system
Type Vertical tube, on-demand, primer slider pickup
  Capacity 100
  Loading Primer pickup tubes (included, one small one large)
  Low primer warning Not available
  Notes Anti-crush design, isolated primer at priming station (safe design)
  Powder measure
Type Rotating drum
  Case Activated Yes
  Capacity ~22 cu in, ~360 cc
  Baffle Yes, drop-in
  Case mouth expansion Optional with PTX expander inserts
  Cavity changeover Lock-n-load metering inserts, separate drums for rifle and pistol (rifle and pistol drum included)
  Micrometer Optional (separate rifle and pistol micrometer inserts)
  Failsafe Spring return (no return rod)
  Notes Quick dump with lock-n-load bushing system
  Case Feeder
Manufacturer Hornady Manufacturing
  Item code 95300 (120v), 95302 (220v)
  MSRP $431.99
  Warranty Lifetime
  Voltage 120V / 220V
  Type Rotary disk collator
  Weight 14 lb
  Capacity ~400 .223, ~705 9mm or 45 ACP
  Supported cartridge types Rifle, Pistol
  Notes Case feed plates are interchangeable with Dillon case feeder plates