13 thoughts on “RCBS Bullet feeder on Lee Loadmaster for 45 ACP (HD)”

  1. Nice setup. I’ve just gotten into reloading. I’ve decided on the Lee Pro 1000 press to start. I think I will eventually move to the Loadmaster as my primary and use the Pro 1000 for my secondary shell reloading. Thank you for your videos. They’ve greatly helped in getting started with reloading. I’m curious as to what you think about the Lee powder measure and whether the RCBS or Dillon powder measure would be a better choice?.



    1. SouthpawPatriot- If you get the Pro 1000 or the Loadmaster, you’ll be using the Lee Auto-Disk which works great in my experience. Each powder measure system has its pros/cons 🙂

  2. I noticed the powder lever where the chain connects is rotated clockwise from the turret thumb bolt. It does not appear to swing around. On my LM the whole powder hopper swings I can’t seem to thghten down the swivel base the hopper sits on.
    any sugestions? thanks

  3. I’ve been shooting for a long time and I have toyed with the idea of relaoding. As in your article, I was a little intimidated by the equipment. But. After finding this web site, and actually seeing the loading process. I am less intimidated. Thank You for your information and help.

  4. can you load cast bullets with this bullet feeder?…
    i know that rcbs says that the machine wasen’t designed for them, but i’m curious if you’ve done it, or would try it.

    1. Cast bullets will cause the bullet feed die and feed tube (spring) to gum up with lube. So, that’s not a good idea with this unit. You can however use plated bullets.

  5. thanks for the speedy reply gavin, ok so cast bullets don’t work through the rcbs, but have you ever used the lee bullet feeder that they make for the loadmaster? if so how well did it work?…


  6. 11/12/2010

    Gavin… 2 Questions for the Lee Loadmaster:

    1. Why do you use a universal size/de-capper die AND a sizing die w/the de-capper removed vice just the caliber specific sizing/de-capper die for single station de-capping/sizing?

    2. Can you use the caliber specific sizing/de-capper die thus allowing both the bullet feeder and the powder check die; thus a true 5 station operation?


  7. I plan to use cast bullets in my Loadmaster and am wondering what bullet feeder your talking about. station 1 is the de-capping die. station 2 is the priming station. Station 3 is the powder charge. station 4 is the RCBS lockout die. Station 5 is the bullet seating die. where’s the problem with reloading cast bullets?

  8. i wonder how the hornady bullet feeder would work on the loadmaster as well since the rcbs did so well it might wk just as good. some say that the lee bullet feeder works good on the loadmaster but havent seen one in action so im not so sure how that saying is true or not. Great videos keep up the good work.

  9. Can you use any other powder feeding system with the Lee Loadmaster? As long as the powder feeder is case activated and it’s not swinging around (as with the Lee Turret Press) wouldn’t any manufacturer of a case activated powder feeder work?

  10. Nice setup with the RCBS bullet feeder. Can you do one with Hornady LNL bullet feeder and Lee Loadmaster?
    I’m reloading FMJ/HP 9mm and 45 ACP. I would like to compare and decide which bullet feeder to get.
    I tried the Lee bullet feeder and wasn’t really happy with it.


  11. I am new to reloading and found your site this morning. So far I have gotten some really good information. One slight problem… I tried to access your video on the Lee Turret Press but only got an ad for a car dealer.

    What did I not do to access that video.

    Thanking you in advance.

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