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  1. Nice video. I have only seen the RCBS bullet feeder working on a video from last years SHOT Show. Your video was much more thorough and showed the drum collating and dropping the bullets. While I was watching the video I couldn’t help but compare the RCBS to my Mr Bulletfeeder (formerly the KISS Bulletfeeder). It looks like the RCBS does not collate nearly as well as the Mr Bulletfeeder. They are certainly very similar and I’m sure RCBS had to change some things to work around the patents. Again, great video you are doing a good service to those who are new to reloading.

  2. I’d like to know what is the price of this feeder to use on Hornardy press and the ship through USPS to Toronto Canada.

  3. Nice but look how much you have to bell the case mouth! That much bell in the case mouth will destroy the 9mm on one or two reloading cycles and make the rims weak. I wonder if you have to have that much to make it work.

    1. ^^ Agreed, that flare is way too large. You should have the minimum amount of flare / bell, just enough to avoid scraping the outer surface of the bullet. In saying that, it’s more time consuming making sure the bullet travels well without too much sideways movement before entering the seating die!

    2. I complete agree, those cases have way too much belling. You are over working the brass cases and it even says in the Dillon Manual that too much belling is bad for the brass. Can you get away with less belling and the bullet feeder still do its job to keep the bullet there when the 650 progresses to the next station?

  4. You do not mention the reason why you set up the Dillon 650 press with dies from Hornady (for sizing /decapping) and Lee (crimping) when you were producing 9mm with the RCBS bullet feeder – could you elaborate more on why you selected this setup of dies? Was there some performance benefit or other reasons?

    One other question – not reloading related – did you use a video editor for creating your movies and can you share what your video setup was /is? You’ve done a lot of nice work here and created some well produced videos.


    1. Luis: I don’t have a Dillon die set for 45 ACP, so I pulled dies off of other presses to get setup to load 45ACP on the Dillon. The Dillon seems to do well with a variety of dies, but if I had a Dillon set, I’d have used them.

      I just sent you mail regarding video editing.


  5. Nice Video. I work at RCBS and you do a great job of explaining how to use the feed system. I’d like to shoot the breeze with you. Email me sometime and we’ll touch base.

    1. Thanks Bill! Glad you like the video. This RCBS bullet feeder is a great piece of equipment, brings a smile to my face 🙂

      I’ll drop you a line.

  6. Awesome video. I appreciate you walking through your process of adding this to your setup, makes for a very impressive setup and great for pistol and large cap rifle reloading. I’ve been looking at getting an XL650 to do just this: reload 9mm, .45ACP, and .223 in large quantities. I enjoy single stage loading for smaller reload amounts such as the 7.65×53 Arg Mauser and the .45-70, but your video here just solidified my decision to purchase the XL650 in the near future. Thanks for such an informative video!

  7. Recetnly bought a RCBS feeder to go with my 650. Great video to help me make the decision. I am keeping my powder check and looking to find the Lee seat and crimp dies for both 9 mm and 45 acp. Cannot find any dies called seat and crimp combo – it looks like what lee is calling the factory crimp? is that correct? Thanks again and great video.

  8. Gavin, the 650 has 5 stations. Tying up stations 2,3,4 for powder charge, powder validation, bullet feed leaves you with station one to perform: sizing, depriming, priming, and expanding, then station five for seat and crimp… Am I reading this correctly…?

    How are you performing these w/ just the two? Seems like most units do this w/ 3 dies. Or is there something I’m missing?

  9. Tim- here’s how it’s setup for this video:
    Station 1: Size and Deprime
    Station 2: Prime (bottom of stroke), expand and charge (top of stroke)
    Station 3: Open for powder check
    Station 4: RCBS bullet feeder die
    Station 5: Combo seat/crimp

    Please let me know if you have additional questions.


    1. I called Midway this morning in regards to the Lee combo seat/crimp die they were not aware of any of lee’s die’s that has this dual function. Can you clarify.

      Joe jv

      1. Sure- the Lee auto pistol seater dies (as well as revolver seater dies) are indeed crimp and seat combo dies. The Lee Pro 1000 uses this setup for auto pistol cartridges (only 3 dies – size/deprime, expand/charge, and seat/crimp). Lee also sells the factory crimp die if you want to crimp separately.

    2. hi gavin, i am glad i found this. does dillon make the mentioned dies in the configuration you have here or were dies from other companies used because dillon does not. your videos truly rock. thanks again.

  10. RCBS web site claims that the bullet feeder will work on the 550B. Their customer service referred me to your videos as showing it used on a 550B. I havn’t found any. As the 550B has only four die stations it appears to be improbable that the bullet feeder would work on a 550B so RCBS should stop claiming that it will.

  11. Gerald- I think the RCBS bullet feeder would work on the Dillon 550B.

    Here’s how you could set it up (550B):
    Station 1: Size and Deprime
    Station 2: Charge and expand case mouth
    Station 3: Bullet feed
    Station 4: Combo Seat/Crimp

    Note that you have to have a good visual on the powder level because you don’t have an extra station for a powder check die.

    This is basically the setup that I used in the loadmaster RCBS bullet feeder video:

    Hope that helps!

  12. I would like to see a test with the Lee bullet feeder. From what I’ve seen, it can feed lead SWC bullets where the RCBS can only load plated or jacketed round nose bullets.

  13. OK, it’s time to take the plunge from single stage (RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme) to a progressive. I re-load four calibers; 9mm, .38 Special, .223 Remmington and .30-06 Springfield, I don’t really want to buy new dies and I’d like to be able to add case and bullet feeders. Like everyone else on a limited budget, but willing to save long enough for a really good press. Which one(s) would you suggest. From the videos I reall want an auto-index progressive, so I’ve come to this site looking for answers. Thanks in advance and love the video’s I’ve seen so far.

  14. OK, After viewing even more videos and reading more blogs and compairing prices…. It looks like the Lee Loadmaster. Although the Horand LNL AP looks like it could be fun to use as well.

  15. Be warned that if you buy the Lee, you will end up replacing it within a few weeks. It is not the quality one needs if you can legitimately justify the cost of a true progressive press and bullet feeder. In short, you get what you pay for. I have the Dillon 650, and I got exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, that meant I had to pay for it. You can usually find Dillon 650 machines for sale on Ebay and GunBroker, at reduced prices; Dillon honors their lifetime NO BS warranty on ANY of their machines, regardless of who is the original owner. Once you buy the Dillon, you will wonder why you didn’t buy it sooner. If you buy the Lee, you will wonder why you did, after everyone told you NOT to!

  16. hi,great video.I noticed the projectiles you used were round nose.I load for several different people & used different projectiles :IE 122gn semi wad cutters,135gn round nose,125gn conical & 150gn round nose.Will the collator work properly with these projectiles?…also wondering how hard it is to remove the collets if you happen to break the fingers…cheers Steve

  17. I had hoped to be able to use the Redding seating die and then a seperate taper crimp die. The taper crimp is SO important on the rimless cases, as is the OAL. What die are you using to seat (set bullet depth) and finish with a really good taper crimp?

  18. Gavin,
    I’m new to reloading and really appreciate all the work you put into this site!! I’ll be ordering my XL650 in early July and would like to mimic the exact set-up you show in this video. I do have some questions for you however and could use some experienced guidance. Would it be possible for you to email me when you have a chance?



  19. Gavin, I like the video on the RCBS feeder. I would like to see a head to head comparison with the Mr. Bullet Feeder. I was also wondering if and/or when you will be adding a Ponsness Warren power unit to the XL650 set-up for a truly wild set-up. I LOVE both my 550B and my 650. I am going to purchase a bullet feeder. I have over 5,500 rounds of 40 S&W to load. I also load a BUNCH of 223 Rem rounds with the XL 650. The 550B is relegated to the 38/357, 9mm, and 30-06 loads. MUCH lower volumes on those calibers so no real need for the feeders and power units, even if they would all work on the 550B. I am leaning towards the Mr. Bullet Feeder. I am also looking into adding the PW unit. I would love to see a set-up and use then critique video on the above mentioned rig. I know the PW unit is pricey, that is why I would love to see a video of the set-up and use/critique to help justify the expense. Can you email me with further discussion on this, please? Thanks and GREAT videos, keep em’ commin’

  20. I called Lee inregards to the Station 5 Lee seat/crimp die 2 in 1 you use. They were not familier with this die. Did I not explane it to them or can you expond as to the part # or where and how I can get this die for both the 9mm and the 40 S&W round.


      1. So than you are just using the Crimp/seating die out of the set of 3, correct. I have the Dillion on station 1, the powder die on 2, the powder check on 3, the RCBS bullet feeder on 4, than the Lee Crimp/seating on 5, is this correct?


        1. That’s correct. In the video I have a Hornady sizer/decapper in #1, powder/expansion in station #2, Powder check in #3 (removed for clarity in video), Bullet feed in #4, and a Lee seat/crimp in #5.

          1. Gavin I’m just not getting the crimp needed for the completed round to fit in the case gage. The more I turn clockwise to put more of a crimp the shorter the COL gets. Can you give me some pointers?


          2. Joe- when you screw the die down to increase the crimp, are you also backing out the seater plug? What I do is use a reference round to adjust the crimp and seat dies. You can back the seater out a few turns, turn the die down, then put the reference cartridge in place, then turn down the seater plug until it hits. That will get you real close.

  21. I’m in the process of setting up the RCBS Feeder in my XL650. Your video helps but the instructions for this feeder are the pits. Another issue I’m having is trying to determine which of the white die inserts are for 9mm. The one thing missing in your video that would be a big help is setting up the feeder die. Looks like a good addition once it’s set up but the instructions are certainly lacking.

  22. Turns out the white inserts are marked. Each has a series of hash marks that identify 1, 2, 3 or 4 corrosponding to .45ACP, 10mm .40S&W, 9mm .38 or .38/357 long 170 gr or heavier. I’d missed that in the instructions. Also note that if you have the Dillion Strong Mount, you’re going to have to mount the RCBS higher. I have mine mounted and running and I have to say – regardless of the poor instructions, this thing rocks. Roughly 15 rounds a minute taking my time – taking minor breaks to wait for the feeder to catch up.

  23. Hello

    can you confirm me that in the Lee 38 Special Pistol 3-Die # 90510, there is the tool that you put at station 5 for seating and crimping the bullet.


  24. Gavin,
    Can you tell me if the RCBS will fit on the Dillon Super 1050? I’m trying to decide between this and the Mr. BF.

  25. Gavin, Thank you for a great website! Sorry about the people who benefit from your efforts adn have the audacity to complain about your site – what losers. I was all set to add an RCBS bullet feeder to my Dillon until two days ago when trying to convince a couple of friends to do the same. I’ve been sharing your website for a couple of months now. Another shooter chimed into our conversation and said that he has the RCBS on a 650 and has had nothing but problems with the set-up and that RCBS offers no help at all by just saying every time he calls, “it’s an adjustment problem”. He’s been using the set-up over two years. He also said that he has – over the years – set-up at least three other guys’ machines using Mr. Bullet Feeder feeders and all of them have worked flawlessly. Here’s my question(s). How long did/have you run the RCBS on the Dillon and now that AA bought/merged with Mr. Bullet Feeder and – from the photos I’ve seen – improved the Mr. Bullet Feeder from a garage-shop creation to a commercially viable product, what are your thoughts on the Mr Bullet Feeder versus the RCBS? Again, thank you for your website AND videos!

  26. I have watched this vid and some others you have posted on this build and I have a question. Can I use all Dillon Dies to do the same thing while keeping the powder check station? I know you said you used the Lee Seat/Crimp die so am I right to assume the reason for using this is the Dillon dies do this process in two stages?

  27. Gavin,
    I’ve watched all of your videos and I consistently refer customers to your site. Amazing work, and please keep it up so I don’t have to!
    I do have a question though that is right along what Pete is asking on October 28-2012. If you had your choice between all the bullet feeders, which would it be and why?

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