7 thoughts on “Loadmaster Loading 9mm (HD)”

    1. I actually use both! The lube makes the press work that much smoother, and if you’re using one-shot- it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t leave a residue…

  1. I want to start reloading my own 45; 357; 9mm. I am a novice. What do I need to get to have a complete setup from beginning to end?

  2. I see you use all stages most of the time in your reloading press. I was just wondering why you used a Hornady bullet seating die instead of a Lee? And is this set up the 3 die or 4 die set you buy from lee? Thanks!

  3. I use the Loadmaster in 2 ways.
    I do not prime on the press during reloading as I clean primer pockets.
    I have Turret heads for each caliber I reload all setup.
    Loadmaster tool head is quick change

    Clean the brass
    Spare tool head is for initial brass prep. Use case feeder.
    Station 1 Universal decap
    Station 2 Resize with decap pin removed
    Clean primer pockets
    Either prime by hand or use Loadmaster priming with case feeder

    I use a Powder Cop die or Lockout die during reloading for pre-cautionary measure

    1st Option
    Station 1 Expander die
    Station 2 Powder Measure
    Station 3 Powder Cop die
    Station 4 Seat Die using Lee bullet feeder
    Station 5 Crimp Die

    2nd Option
    Station 1 Powder measure with expander
    Station 2 Powder Cop Die
    Station 3 Bullet feeder, RCBS or Hornady
    Station 4 Seat Die
    Station 5 Crimp Die

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