5 thoughts on “Caldwell Rock BR Rifle Benchrest (HD)”

  1. Hi Gavin. I see you are shooting at Kenmore range and are interested in rifle accuracy. I run the Benchrest shoots at Kenmore so thought you might be interested in shooting with us. Your Win 22-250 would work fine for factory class. We shoot once a month at 300 and 200 yds, usually the 2nd saturday of the month. If you are interested let me know and I’ll send you some match info. Congrats on the new site. Rick Graham

  2. Dan- That’s a Weaver 4-16 power scope. Seems to work great. What I really like about it is that it has both removable caps *and* hand adjustable turrets for elevation and windage adjustment. I hate having to use screw drivers personally…

  3. Great video and review of the BR rest. Have you also looked at the Model 500 and 1000 rests made by Targetshooting.com? I am looking at the model 500.. its built like a tank and seems to have some very nice features, but its cost is higher than the BR.

    I would be great if you could do a comparison of these two rests to help me with my decision.


  4. I just bought the Rock BR rest (July 2010) and noticed that the model has undergone some design changes since the one shown in the video.

    The redesign was confirmed by Caldwell Tech Support. Caldwell no longer ships the rest with the bubble level and the windage adjustment now is just a threaded screw that moves the cradle left/right. The re-designed windage is a big downgrade from the pin shown in the video. There is a lot of “slop” in the cradle that is difficult to lock down.

    I may decide to return the rest if I cannot eliminate the excess cradle travel. I think Caldwell dropped the ball on what is surely a case of trying to make a lower cost design by simplifying the design.

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