Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Press (HD)

In this video, you’ll see an overview of the Hornady Lock-N-Load classic reloading press. This video shows the reloading process using components from the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic reloading kit. This press uses the same Lock-N-Load bushing system as found on the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive reloading press, so you can quickly change dies over (and even the powder measure) between the Lock-N-Load classic, and the Lock-N-Load AP progressive, a very handy system.

Be sure to check out the other Lock-N-Load classic videos in the Hornady videos section to see more features of this press.

19 thoughts on “Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Press (HD)”

  1. Good site for a beginner like me. Question: Is the die(?) into which the case is being inserted as the primer is being inserted into the case part of the lock-n-load classic press kit or is that something separate that you have to purchase specifically for the 30-’06 round? Also, what is that called? Thanks!

  2. There’s a couple of ways that you can prime on the press:
    First, you can prime while you deprime/size:
    1. The case is inserted into the shell holder
    2. The case is pushed into the sizing/depriming die- the case is both sized and deprimed at the same time
    3. While the ram is up, a primer is put into the primer cup (attached to the primer arm)
    4. The ram is lowered, and the primer is inserted

    The other way this can be done (shown in this video) is to deprime/size first, then remove case, clean primer pocket (with separate tool), then put the case back in the shellholder to prime.

    In either case what you need in addition to what comes with the press is the appropriate shellholder, and the dies.

  3. Hi I was wondering if you could help me out. I own this press (hornady LNL classic) reloading .22-250 rounds. The bullet setting die is marking the tip of the bullet. The marks are circular in apperance and it looks as though you twisted the tip bullet inside the case. If that makes sense! Any suggestions ideas on how to prevent that? Thanks I enjoy the website! Keep the good info coming.

  4. Got a question for you. I will be getting one of these soon.( My first press) In the video you never removed the case and checked to see if it needs trimmed. Is that something you left out of the video or do the dies do it for you?

    1. I’m sure you’ll like this press! The dies do not check the case length, you’ll need to do that with a pair of calipers, and compare to the specifications for that cardridge (reloading manual included with kit has this data) and decide whether to trim or not.

      Note that you’ll need to purchase a trimmer separately if you want to trim as that is not included in the Lock-N-Load classic reloading kit.

  5. i was wondering which is better press redding big boss2 or the hornady lock n load classic. im looking to reload match grade .45 acp and this will be my first press

    1. Hey calder- The Hornady lock-n-load is a great press. I have a Redding Big Boss II, but haven’t used yet. My plan is to install both the slide bar priming system and the lock-n-load conversion bushing kit. It will be a part of the AR-MPR project- I hope you’ll stick around to check it out!


  6. Hi,

    You mention in the video that there is an attachment for a feeder tube for the primers. Do you know where I can get that attachment? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If you dont know where to get it, do you at least know what i would search for to find it? I really appreciate the help. I have this press and love it, but putting primers in one by one is soo slow.


  7. Hi Gavin, your videos have been great, and have made the entire process less of a mystery. I’m considering either the Lock-n-Load Classic or the Lee Turret (from the deluxe kit). Do you prefer one over the other? Is there enough of a quality difference to justify the Hornady? Is there enough of a speed difference to justify the Lee turret?

    Thank you.

    1. Jai- The big question here is whether or not you need auto-indexing, and how you plan to prime. If you want to charge cases on the press, the Lee Classic Turret is great. The safety prime system works, but is not made out of metal. The lock-n-load bushing system is great…

      Additional questions are- do you plan to load only rifle? rifle + pistol? Pistol only? That will affect your choice…

      1. “The big question here is whether or not you need auto-indexing”

        That’s the issue, I don’t know it I need it. My reloading experience is pretty limited, and I don’t know how big the speed advantage will be.

        “and how you plan to prime.”

        I would prefer to prime on the press, and most likely on the down stroke from the sizing/de-priming die.

        “If you want to charge cases on the press, the Lee Classic Turret is great.”

        I think that would be ideal, but it doesn’t seam like that big of a deal. Will it save much time and effort?

        “The safety prime system works, but is not made out of metal.”

        That really is one of my biggest concerns about the Lee products; they seem like they maybe cheap. I’m worried they won’t last, or that I won’t be satisfied.

        “Additional questions are- do you plan to load only rifle? rifle + pistol? Pistol only? That will affect your choice…”

        For now, my plan is to do target handgun ammunition, but eventually rifle (.223, and maybe 6.5 Grendel). Some day I will want to start working on precision loads, but for now I just want bulk level quality so that I can shoot more and spend less.

        Once experience and budget allow, I plan on moving up towards a progressive. It will most likely be either a L-n-L AP or a 650.

        1. I think starting with the classic turret and later adding a progressive would be a good way to go based on your stated goals and needs here… The safety prime works once you learn how to actuate it and dial it in. 🙂

  8. Hey I have been a watcher and reader for a while now. I am just getting into reloading. I have picked out the Hornady Lock and Load Classic Kit. I have a question about the dies. Will any 7-8”-14 work with this press and if so do you need to do anything special? What dies are you using in the video? Do you suggest any dies? I will be reloading for 300 Winchester Mag.

  9. I have the Hornady LNL Classic. I am having a problem seating my pistol bullets in the brass. They either do not seat properly in that they are too shallow or they are too deep. Is there something I’m missing? I have tried to adjust the die but it still seems as though the bullet is dropping into the brass too far before the die crimps it. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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