LNL-AP Ergonomic Roller Handle

When reloading with the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive reloading press, I noticed that hunching forward to lower the lever was causing discomfort for long reloading sessions. I also discovered that grabbing the ball on the end of the lever was not the most comfortable

Note: See “Products” in the Hornady section for more information about this handle.

24 thoughts on “LNL-AP Ergonomic Roller Handle”

  1. I would be interested in buying one of those handles if you are interested in making me one. You appear to be a pretty handy guy, interested in making a Dillon Strong Mount type mount for my Hornady also?


  2. If you do not have a roller handle installed on your press, you don’t know what your missing! My back feels better, my arm, and my hand. This a must have over the factory handle. Thanks Gavin.


  3. Hi Gavin,

    Are the factory handles long enough to bend and then mill a flat, drill and tap for the chromed machine handle? Or, does one need to start with completely new stock and go from there?


    PS Strong mount stand is turning out great. Got a coat of primer on it today. Probably topcoat Wednesday. Hmm??? Red or black???

  4. I just installed the roller handle on my Hornady LNL press and I can’t believe the difference in comfort, and feel that I get when using it. Excellent product and a necessity if you don’t want a workout when handloading. The quality is top notch and very well thought out. You wouldn’t think that the addition of this roller handle would make such a huge improvment on an already very good press… but it certianly does. Thanks Gavin

  5. I got my ergo handle last week (sans lock washer, but no biggie). What a great feel! I wish the receiver for the roller handle was clear on the inside (towards the press) so I could put the handle on the left side of the arm. It’s connected a bit to the right and the weld blocks entry. Since I began reloading with my LNL I have stood far to the left side and being able to put the roller “backwards” would be perfect. I think I’m going to add a case feeder which will allow me to move a little to the right, but I’ll keep hand feeding bullets for a while.

    I’m going to paint it red though – why the change to black? At least it’s not blue! 😉

    Thanks for the express delivery to make up for lost time. I appreciate the extra effort.

    Hey, look at that, 1 year to the day from the last comment… Sorry, I’m easily amused at times. 🙂

  6. Looks like Lee leveraged your idea and are now offering a roller handle for some of their presses. Doesn’t work on the Loadmaster.

  7. I wanted to purchase the Ergo handle for the Hornady LNL press as well as the bin to mount on the front. Are you still selling these?

  8. Ditto on the handle. I just bought the Hornady LNL AP and recognize the benefit of the ergo roller. Can they still be bought?

  9. Why was the roller handle for the HORNADY L n L AP PRESS discontinued? Will it be back? What happened to it? Sorry don’t mean to sound rude but I like the idea of it

  10. I would really like to improve my LnL. If the handle is no longer available, where can I purchase the parts (handle)? I can make everything else. Sorry you discontinued the complete handle.

  11. Can you provide the drawing/dimensions you used for the bend angles and locations? I’m interested in replicating this handle since you don’t offer it anymore.

  12. Gavin I it would be greatly papyri carted if you would provide the specs for the roller handle. Length angle and position of the bend so I could make one for myself. I mad willing to pay for the plan. Please reply via email

    Thank you

    A loyal and avid follower

  13. I’m also very interested in obtaining the handle and bullet tray add on if ever offered again. ~ Tad

  14. Really liked this concept with the roller handle. Saw several other designs on a web search but too much money for a steel bar and plastic handle. Got a 36″ 5/8″ steel bar from my local supply for 10 bucks and a $15 roller handle online. I cut the bar in half, will use the other half and another roller handle for the Iron Press whenever Hornady releases it. I heated the bar with my acetylene torch bending it 10 inches from one end at a 135 degree angle. Ground a flat on the upper (8″) end, drilled and tapped the flat to accept the roller handle threads using care to get the angles right. Then cut 5/8-18 threads on the lower end to fit the press and lock nut. A little red paint and it looks stock and only $20 bucks invested. Of course having the tools to do it is another thing!

  15. Finished making 2 handles, it was not easy. One has a single bend that will go on the Iron Press when I get it. The other has a compound bend to align closer to the AP press linkage. I’d change the order of fabrication if I had to do it over. Hardest part was getting the angle of the roller mounting flat ground correctly on the top end of the handle. I would have started with that first then tapped the 10 MM hole for the handle. Then heat the 18 inch 5/8″ bar to bend it 135 degrees 10 inches from the bottom using a 10 MM bolt in the handle hole for guidance for a correct (or close to it) angle. Then cut the 5/8-18 threads on the lower end (this was the hardest part – use a quality die! (Mine was not) Clean and sand the bar to remove crud and then a couple light coats of the Regal Red. My first attempt was too heavy a coat and it wouldn’t set up even after a couple days. Stripped it off and re-sanded then 2 light coats worked okay.

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