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Hornady new products – bullet feeder is official!

Today, Hornady has announced several new products. You can get an overview here:

New Products from Hornady

One of the exciting new products is the Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Feeder. You may have seen an early prototype of this unit at the 2010 SHOT show. Well, that product is now official, and will be available from online retailers soon.

Here’s a picture of the unit:

Wondering how this unit works? Well, you’ll want to make sure you’re setup for email notifications here at ultimatereloader.com, because we’ll be taking a detailed look at how this unit works with HD videos, blog posts, etc.

It’s going to be fun!

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12 Responses to “Hornady new products – bullet feeder is official!”

  1. Jim Reeves says:

    I have been waiting on this! How long do you think it will take for a rifle adapter to appear? I need one in .30 caliber, and one in .223 caliber. These, with all of the pistol conversions available, will fill the bill in a big way. I also like the new ultra-sonic cleaner! What ever you do, Hornady, never quit.

  2. Gavin says:

    They’re working hard on it (rifle bullet feed system). I don’t have a specific date yet. They will have .22 cal and 30 cal dies also.

  3. Lucian says:

    It works the same way as RCBS’s, just no plastic fingers. All metal, should be more reliable.

  4. ron says:

    I think you have a typo.

    You say, “Well, that product is not official”.

    I think you meant to say “Well, that product is now official”. ??

  5. Chris says:

    I hope it is better designed and built than the Hornady case feeder.

  6. Jim Reeves says:

    What’s wrong with the Hornady case feeder?

  7. ron says:

    I’m looking forward to your review. One of the things Hornady’s site mentions is that the feeder will work with any press. Could you possibly give insight as to how well you think they will work with Dillon presses ?

  8. Chris says:

    Does anyone know why the bullet feeders only work with jacketed or coated bullets? It would be great if I could use the bullet feeder for lead rounds.

    Anyone ever try it?

  9. ron says:

    @Chris: I imagine it has to do with the ‘lubes’ that the lead bullets use? I haven’t really gotten into loading lead yet, but I think they have a bit of a “gooey coating” that might gum up the works?

  10. CiDirkona says:

    That’s the reason that the other bullet feeder companies only recommend FMJ bullets — wax lubes gum up the works. Considering it looks like there are no plastic parts in the feeder tube or die on this one, a soak with OneShot or some mineral spirits should clean it right up! I’m actually excited for this thing!

  11. Ian says:

    I noticed Midway had them in-stock for a few days and now they have the die for Bullet placement.

    This product looks very interesting to me but I don’t want to be 1st on the block to order it.

    If you have one please tell us how you like it.


  12. Rich F says:

    Does anyone know whether the Hornady Bullet Feeder dies work with the RCBS collator? That would be a great help to those of us who already have the RCBS unit.

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