Paul Harrell Fundraiser – Please Help Paul’s Family

Hello all, as many of you may have heard, Paul Harrell‘s health is not doing well, he’s been battling cancer in the recent months, and things aren’t getting any better. This article will outline some ways that you can help Paul and his family.

T-Shirt Fundraiser

From the fundraiser website:

Everything I need to survive in this world I learned from Paul Harrell.

Paul Harrell is an icon and legend in the 2A YouTube Community. He has spent years providing us with invaluable information with an understandable approach.

This fundraiser is a way to say thank you to Paul, as he continues to fight cancer.

TriStar Trading has teamed up with dozens of YouTubers, Influencers, and businesses to raise funds for Paul and his wife. Thank you to everyone who has helped and to everyone for purchasing!

You can buy one of these shirts HERE.

Subscribe to Paul’s YouTube Channel!

If you aren’t already subscribed, please consider visiting Paul’s YouTube Channel and hitting “Subscribe”! With help from our community Paul has seen his channel eclipse 1,000,000 subscribers. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Thanks everyone!



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