Curved Linkage for Forster Co-Ax Press: Making a Good Press Better!

How can we make the excellent Forster Co-Ax loading press even better? 

It’s no secret that I, along with many other accuracy-minded handloaders, greatly appreciate this press. We’ve used it to produce extremely accurate 223 ammunition and also improved it with Forster quick change jaws and KMS Squared lights. In the short video, we examine the contents of the Forster Curved Link kit and install it on our Forster Co-Ax reloading press. 


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About the Forster Curved Linkage Kit for Co-Ax Press

From Forster

Curved Linkage accessory for the Co-Ax® Reloading Press allows for increased access to the shell holder jaws. This will help get cases in/out of the shell holder jaws faster and make it easier to replace the jaws if necessary.

What’s in the Box

The kit contents are simple: the two curved links themselves, four new e-clips and useful directions on how to replace the original straight links with these new curved links. The links have been available as a popular aftermarket piece, but are now available directly from Forster. 

Installing the Linkage

Begin by removing the original e-clip. I like using a flat blade screwdriver to pry the e-clip open and remove it from the linkage, then a pair of pliers to assist with reinstalling it later.

These clips can spring out quickly, so safety glasses are highly recommended. I actually had to chase one around the UR workshop before making this video. You can generally avoid this by using a thumb or a finger to hold the clip to the linkage while removing it. 

Work on one side of the press at a time. Keeping one linkage attached keeps the press handle in the proper position for installation of the new curved links. I also just reused the existing e-clips as they are actually a bit easier to work with than brand new ones since they’ve been “broken in”. This installation took only a couple of minutes. 


I have to admit that I was so pleased with the Forster Co-Ax as manufactured, changing the links was never something I thought about.

Original Links on the Forster Co-Ax Press

However, some folks are driven to improve everything from cars, trucks, motorcycles to even reloading tools and these curved links are designed to provide easier access to jaws for faster reloading. Within minutes of installing these new curved links, I was busy resizing some 7mm PRC brass on the Forster bushing full length sizing die and immediately appreciated the greater access to the work area of the press.

My hands had more room to place the cartridge case into the Forster jaws and then remove it. I can see how this will slightly speed up the handloading process, just by opening up the front of the press. The curved linkage also makes it easier to access the jaws when they need to be swapped out or for routine cleaning and maintenance. 


In conclusion, this great press just got better! The curved linkage has been a popular aftermarket accessory for years and now it’s available directly from Forster. It’s a very easy install, taking only a few minutes, and in my opinion, are very worthwhile. 

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