NEW from Mark 7 — Genesys and Titan at 2023 SHOT Show

Crowds gathered around the Lyman/Mark 7 booth at the 2023 SHOT Show for the unveiling of the Mark 7 Genesys and Mark 7 Titan. Lyman/Mark 7’s design engineer Spencer Karoll gives us the details. 


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About the Mark 7 Genesys

According to Karoll, Genesys is an out-of-the-box consumer-level automated loading system, designed the home or semi-commercial reloader. It includes an 11 inch high speed case feeder, Double Alpha Gen 2 Bullet Feeder (also released at SHOT 2023), mechanical powder measure and collated priming. 

From Mark 7:

The Genesys Loading System was developed from the ground up, to be an all-in-one fully automated loading solution. Using new technology and leveraging of our vast engineering experience has allowed us to offer a fully featured loading system at a price point that has not been seen before.Independently controlled servo motors drive the tool head, shell plate, and priming system, which provides a smooth and precise loading experience with unmatched control. Genesys is compact, lightweight and has a very easy setup procedure. Comes fully equipped as standard with automated collated priming, 11″ high speed case feeder, Mr. Bullet Feeder, mechanical powder measure, and Mark 7’s renowned sensor technology. Genesys is ready to load out of the box.

Digital Sensors Available:

      • Decap Detection
      • Swage Detection
      • Bullet Detection


      • Caliber Range; 380 ACP – 308 Win
      • 10 stations
      • All new patent-pending drive system
      • Variable tool head stroke for pistol and rifle profiles
      • On press swaging
      • Totally new GUI (Graphic User Interface) and ergonomic HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
      • Touch screen HD display
      • Advanced closed-loop control system with large emergency stop
      • 2500 RPH / 2000 RPH (Pistol/Rifle)
      • New tri-ram and tool head design provides rigidity and accuracy
      • Collated priming, bullet feeder, case feeder, mechanical powder measure included
      • Lifetime software/firmware updates

If you take a closer look at this press, you’ll notice a few things. Though it may not seem so, this press is actually fully auto-driven.  It does not have a central ram and isn’t restricted to normal fixed stroke length. 

Karoll explained the tri-ram design differs from anything else currently offered. The Genesys lacks not only a ram, but all the mechanics you’d expect in a traditional progressive press. All these items are replaced by three independently-controlled servo motors. One drives the toolhead up and down, another drives the shellplate and the third drives the primer system. This primer system is reminiscent of the Mark 7 Revolution, a trickle down from Mark 7’s commercial to consumer line. 

With this design, every feature of the press is independent, giving the user nearly unlimited options on how to run it. In example, moving from pistol height to rifle height can be done with the touch of a button. Karoll says the Genesys is currently rated for 2,500 pistol rounds per hour or 2,000 rifle rounds per hour. This is effective throughput. Unlike other models, slowing the shellplate indexing does not also slow the toolhead. This is the beauty of independent features! 

The Mark 7 Genesys is priced at $5,999.95, a very aggressive price! 

About the Mark 7 Titan 

In contrast with the Genesys, the Mark 7 Titan is Mark 7’s next step in their commercial press line. It can load cartridges from 380 acp to 338 Lapua and features the same independent motor control found in Genesys. Titan is a 12 station press compared to 10 stations on the Revolution and is essentially two six-station presses combined. This means two feeding stations and two output stations. Titan has a maximum speed of approximately 5,000 pistol rounds per hour, 10,000 pistol rounds per hour if doublefed. 

The doublefeed capability makes it extremely versatile. This press can have doublefeed, double priming, double anything added on at any time. To keep up with this, the powder drum is twice as large (holds two pounds of powder) with a new gear-driven powder measure. Also included is the new pneumatic bullet dropper. 

From Mark 7

The Mark 7 Titan Loading System was developed through the experience we have from creating tens-of-millions of rounds through Mark 7’s original commercial press, The Revolution. Titan is a very versatile and configurable machine, allowing the customer to custom tailor their press towards their specific needs. The adjustable press stroke will accommodate rounds from 380acp to 338 Lapua, making the Titan a truly one size fits all, commercial powerhouse. Independent servo motors control the shell plate, drive mechanism and primer disk, giving the user unmatched control and tuneability. The All-New Titan is double feed capable, allowing one press to run as two separate 6 station machines setup for processing, priming, or loading with pre-primed brass configurations doubling production output.


      • 12 station press with toolhead die stations in single feed configuration and 10 die stations in double feed configuration
      • Capable of speeds over 5000 rounds per hour
      • Motorized Shell plate and Primer disk for precise and smooth indexing
      • Robust Core chassis comprised of All precision CNC machined
      • Handed steel and Aluminum parts
      • All new pneumatic Bullet dropper pre seats the projectile
      • Commercial Grade Case feeder and Bullet feeders
      • Ability to Double Feed, doubles output every cycle
      • New XL Powder Measure with Geared drivetrain with double powder capacity (capable of feeding extruded powder)
      • Preset toolhead height adjustment; variable stroke allows for no wasted time when loading pistol calibers, but with a press of a button can accommodate large rifle rounds
      • Robust, industrial machine HMI with physical Emergency stop button
      • All new Electronics control box with future sensor and accessory support
      • Full Machine enclosure available

Digital Sensors Available:

      • Decap Sense
      • Swage Sense
      • Bullet Sense
      • Digital Powder Check
      • Primer Orientation Sensor

The Titan features a new machine HMI. It has run and end cycle buttons and an emergency stop. Karoll said this was a feature added because of customer feedback. Many commercial press operators hated touching the screen with greasy hands. After setup, starting and stopping the Titan is done with physical buttons. It is also compatible with existing Mark 7 sensors. 


Adding independent motor control results in an even smoother loading process. It’s especially interesting to see technology move from the consumer to commercial side and vice versa. These are quick overviews, with more to come! 

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The Titan will be available first, Genesys second. 

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