NEW Forster Co-Ax XL Press is COMING (Shot Show 2023)

At the 2023 SHOT Show, Forster Products announced some exiting new products in development, including the all-new Forster Co-Ax™ XL!

Co-Ax XL

The Co-Ax XL is a lot like the standard Forster Co-Ax, but on a larger scale to accommodate cartridges up to the mighty 50 BMG!

At the SHOT Show we saw and played with a prototype of the new Co-Ax XL! Here are some of the specs:

  • Floating quick change die station
  • Floating “universal” shell holder design (we saw Cheytac / 50 BMG 2-size jaws on the prototype)
  • Capacity: 50 BMG or smaller
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Adapters for 7/8″ dies (special lock rings)

1.25″ Forster Dies

Along with the Co-Ax XL, Forster showed some pre-production 1.25″ dies! The sizer we saw was for 375 Cheytac, and it looks just like Forster 7/8″ dies, but scaled up! These should be a great addition to Forster’s lineup, and both products should make ELR shooters happy!

We will share more updates on these products in the coming months. We can’t wait to load some ammo with the Co-Ax XL and these 1.25″ dies!


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