NEW Area 419 Match Scope Rings

Area 419 has just released their own scope rings. Craig Arnzen of Area 419 joins us to explain why these are different! 


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About Area 419 Match Scope Rings 

Match scope rings aren’t the only new things from Area 419. Craig recently joined us to introduce the Area 419 M-Series Sizing Die. In both cases, Area 419 took a look at what each item needs to do and how to improve upon it. 

Scope rings exist to hold an optic in a straight line with an appropriate amount of grip and force. While this is a simple idea, manufacturing lends itself to the production of disparate parts that will hopefully be square and true when put together. 

Craig explained that to get a very round and very true hole, the best method is to bore it all in one piece. Enter Area 419 match scope rings. 

From Area 419:

 When we set out to make an ideal scope ring, the things we knew we needed to accomplish, and do to a degree you won’t find anywhere else on the market, is to produce a reliable, and true capture of the optic. This led us down a rabbit-hole, ultimately arriving on a process that gets you serialized, final-bore matched rings, with raw aluminum internals, for a grip on your optic that is more reliable and more true than anything else made.

Like most rings, these begin as separate parts. We are making the bases and caps in batches. While many will make these parts, send them to anodize, and then just assemble, we produce around the extra steps. Once these parts return from anodize, they are fully assembled, placed back into specially produced rail fixtures, with the caps torqued to spec over specially made spacers (to give the rings space to torque down on the optic), and final-bored as sets in our world-class machining centers. Rings are then brought off the machine in sets, and placed into the laser to mark them as sets, with each set being uniquely identified as a match to its precision-bored counterparts.

Is it overkill? Probably. But we think it’s the right way. So that’s what we are going to do.


    • Material: 7075 Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum (with Stainless Steel Hardware)
    • Coating: Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize (internal bore is raw aluminum)
    • Weight: 3.3oz/ring, 6.6oz/set (34mm Medium)

Initially available in 34mm diameter, 28mm height (Medium) and 30mm, 28mm Height (Medium) with more height and diameter options coming in early 2023.

The match scope ring is the first offering in a line that will include a one-piece tactical mount and hunt-lightweight ring. The match ring is a traditional two-piece scope ring system of a medium weight compared to similar rings. 

As of 1/8/2023, it is available for pre-order in 30” and 34”, medium height rings, but high and low rings in 30”, 34”, 35” and 36” are coming in the future. A 1” ring is also a possibility. 

The Design

Rifles generally either have a separate rail that screws to the receiver or an integral rail. Craig explained that one piece mounts grew in popularity five or six years ago when the holes on receivers weren’t quite perfect helping to keep things lined up. Since then, company like BAT, Defiance and others have produced quality actions with integral rails that have given rise once again to the idea that a two-piece ring system can be so accurate that what happens underneath it doesn’t matter as much. Area 419 match scope rings are designed for those with custom rifles built on high-quality custom actions. 

While these rings are on the expensive side, there’s a difference in the process. Craig explained that like every company making scope rings, Area 419 is creating parts in different machines in different operations and sending them off to anodize. Rather than just assembling and sending them out, Area 419 is assembling them using custom shims so they can get gap between the upper and lower caps and clamping force before final boring them. This process also gives the rings a raw aluminum internal for additional grip with ring grooves. Ring grooves aren’t new, but do provide a different grabbing dynamic than rings without them. 

Each fully-assembled scope ring is final bored as a set then serialized on a laser engraver. This results in rings as true to one another as modern manufacturing will allow. 

These rings also have locating pins. The screws are intended for force, not alignment. The upper cap is attached to the base with some small dowel pins. This guides the cap straight up and down and helps avoid the idea of twisting your optic. There is much less room for movement. 

The rings are also comfortable to hold with rounded edges. Craig explained that when Area 419 set out to produce a quality scope ring, they decided to take the extra time to make them as nice as possible.

Get the Gear

Order match scope rings directly from Area 419! 

30” and 34” medium rings are currently available for pre-order with shipping estimated this month. (as of 1/8/2023) 

35” and 36” are coming next with low and high heights. 

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