NEW TRX-925 0.01 Grain Scale from Creedmoor Sports

If you’re a precision ammunition reloader, you know that every grain counts. Precise loads are critical to your safety, and accuracy on the range or on the hunt. In this story, we’ll perform an in depth overview on the all new Creedmoor TRX-925 precision reloading scale which is accurate to 0.01 grains!


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About the Creedmoor TRX-925

From the Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 Product Page:

When every tenth counts, this scale measures to the hundredths.

Introducing the TRX-925 precision digital reloading scale by Creedmoor Sports. Our development team set out to create one of the most accurate and precise scales on the market that directly meet the needs of reloaders who are looking for the pinnacle of performance. To achieve this level of precision and accuracy, the team focused on the needs of reloaders first and foremost, and worked to develop a high-performance scale that aims to be the premier reloading scale on the market.

Our specialized programming of the TRX-925 sets the Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 apart from other scales in the market. While measuring in grains may seem like the norm, the vast majority of scales on the market utilize grams as their native unit of measure and simply convert the measured weight from grams to grains by using a formula. Unfortunately, this method of behind-the-scenes conversion generates significant rounding errors that can affect the reported weight. With the ability of the TRX-925 to read down to 0.01 grains, eliminating the gram/grain conversion process, making this scale the only reloading scale that offers true +/-.01 grain accuracy. and measuring natively in grains was an absolute must to achieve the level of accuracy the Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 demonstrates.

This is the premier reloading scale for the handloader chasing ultimate in precision.

We know how important it is to have complete trust and faith in your scale measurements. To ensure that the TRX-925 maintains the level of precision that serious reloaders demand, each Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 comes standard with three F-1 class calibration weights (2g, 10g 50g). These precision grade weights are machined from stainless steel, and each come in its own protective storage case. The inclusion of the three weights and the multi-point calibration process developed by our reloading team allow each reloader to calibrate at their normal range of operation. This serves to ensure charge weights are consistent over time.

Whether you are loading for .22 Hornet or 416 Barrett, the 2g, 10g, and 50g weights (representing 30.86gn, 154.32gn, 771.61gn respectively) calibrate the scale using a linear calibration method that is unique among reloading scales. This ensures the highest confidence in your charges.

The Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 works with a level of precision offered only by a select few scales on the market. To do this, our scales are produced in an ISO9001:2008 approved facility and utilize laboratory-grade electronics, including the incorporation of carefully tuned and optimized strain gages. The TRX-925 also includes an anodized static-free powder pan, 925 Grain maximum capacity, and a modular draft shield. The backlit LCD display allows the user to reload easily in overly bright, or low-light conditions without eye strain.

The scale also features the following:

    • 925 Grain Weighing Capacity
    • Creedmoor’s Gold Anodized Static Free Powder Pan
    • Easy to Read Backlit LCD Screen
    • Customizable Draft Shield
    • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 Factory

The Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 is the best and most accurate electronic reloading scale on the market today. Designed by reloaders for reloaders.

What’s in the Box

The Creedmoor TRX-925 comes with the following as pictured above:

  1. Creedmoor TRX-925 Scale Assembly
  2. Gold Anodized Static Free Powder Pan
  3. Platen
  4. AC Adapter
  5. 3 Calibration Weights (2g, 10g, 50g)
  6. Customizable Draft Shield (5 pieces)

Included in the box is everything you’ll need to start taking precision measurements!

Setting up the Creedmoor TRX-925

Once you’ve unpacked your box contents, it will take just a couple minutes to snap together.

  1. Assemble the 5 Piece Draft Shield by inserting one piece into another
  2. Place the platen on the Creedmoor TRX-925 Scale Assembly
  3. Place the Gold Anodized Static Free Powder Pan on the Platen
  4. Place the 5 Piece Draft Shield on the scale
  5. Plug the scale in and let it warm up for at least 30 minutes

After assembly and warm up, it’s time to start calibrating.

Calibrating the Creedmoor TRX-925

What’s the advantage of the TRX-925? Included with your scale are 3 calibration weights! These 2 gram, 10 gram, and 50 gram weights are F1 class. Getting started, you’ll want to be in a wind/draft free, and dust free environment. I opted to wear clean lab gloves to keep any oils or dust off the weights.

Make sure you are performing the correct calibration, as there are 2 calibration modes.

  • Wake up calibration
  • Full calibration. 

If you are resuming a reloading session, you can simply use the wake up calibration. If you need to totally recalibrate, use the full calibration. For full calibration, you’ll need to disconnect the power to the scale, and then reconnect it. Turn it on, and you’re ready to go for a full calibration. It should now be flashing “2” for the 2 gram weight. Place your 2 gram weight on the platen. Once you have a solid “2”, that level of calibration is complete. The LED Display will flash “10” for the 10 gram weight. Repeat the process for your 10 and 50 gram weights. Once you’ve completed this process, your scale display will read “0”. 

This calibration process was a breeze, and with these F1 class calibration weights, you know you can be fully confident in the accuracy of your measurements.

Using the Creedmoor TRX-925/Testing Results

I was really looking forward to seeing how this scale would perform in a reloading context. 

The Draft Shield

For this test, I went ahead and removed the draft shield. However, I should note that with a scale this sensitive, if you aren’t confident that you are working in a completely draft free environment, you will want to use the draft shield. If you are using a trickler, you may want to customize it. You can drill or cut a hole in the side where you need to fit your trickler tube. 

I opted to use the Hornady Quick Trickle since it has a longer trickle tube. In order to position your trickler tube appropriately, you’ll want to clear about 3 ⅜” high, and  3 ¼”. from the edge of the base to the middle of the pan. I also conducted some tests using the Forster Bench Rest Powder Measure.

Testing a Single Granule

To really push the limits of this test, I wanted to see if the scale would detect a single granule of Varget. This would really push the scale to the threshold of its resolution. To start, I took a charge from my Forster Bench Rest Powder Measure, weighing in at 34.34 grains. I proceeded by adding 1 granule of Varget. The LED Display then read 34.38 grains! I waited for it to stabilize. Again, I added a single granule. The scale then  read 34.40. I added a granule again, however, this time the scale did not read it, still displaying 34.40. So, one more time, I added a granule of Varget, and after stabilizing it reflected the extra granule at 34.42 grains. 


For repeatability, I started with that 34.42 grain load. I tested 3 times, removing the pan from the platen, and placing it back on. First, I removed my 34.42 grain load, and placed it back. The scale then read 34.40. I removed it and placed it back again, reading 34.40 again. The third time, when I removed the pan and replaced it, the scale read 34.41 grains. 

When conducting the same type of repeatability test on my 0, there was absolutely no 0 drift.

Next, I wanted to test something more like a magnum load. I took a double powder charge weighing in at 68.65 grains. I then repeated the process of removing the pan and replacing it. First, I had no variation, weighing in at 68.65 grains. I tested a second time. This time the scale read 68.66 grains.

Now I wanted to test the individual granules at this magnum level to see if my results would be similar. So, with the scale reading 68.66 grains, I added a single granule. The scale reflected a .02 grain change, reading 68.68. Adding another grain resulted in the scale reading 68.69 grains. So even at magnum charge level, the TRX 925 can detect single granules of Varget!

Considering the .01 grain reading when adding just a single grain, and a repeatability test with only a .01-.02 variation, I’m impressed with the accuracy of this scale!

Side by Side Comparison with AND EJ 54D2

Let’s take a look at how the Creedmoor TRX-925 stacks up against a more sensitive scale in a similar class. 

The EJ-54D2 has a resolution of .003 of a grain. I took a charge that measured out to 68.88 grains on the EJ-54D2. When testing that charge on the TRX-925, I saw a variation of only .01 grains! The TRX measured the same exact charge at 68.87 grains. Now that’s performance!

Get the Gear!

You can get the TRX-925 directly from Creedmoor Sports HERE.

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