NEW: RCBS Chargemaster Supreme (Hands-On)

The all-new RCBS Chargemaster Supreme is here, and in this story we’ll get hands-on with it!

About the Chargemaster Supreme

From the RCBS Product Page:

Decades of powder dispenser ingenuity, manufacturing experience, and technology combine to deliver the best ChargeMaster RCBS has ever produced. Our ChargeMaster Supreme delivers the accuracy you need and adds Bluetooth technology for streamlined performance.

RCBS combined all the best features of its existing Chargemaster powder dispensers, refined accuracy to 0.1-grain, added Bluetooth connectivity to customize and streamline your dispensing processes, and built-in our proprietary “Powder Learn Process” to create a best-in-class measuring experience.

    • Bluetooth compatible with free RCBS app
    • 1,500-grain load cell capacity
    • 0.1-grain accuracy
    • Proprietary Powder Learn Process
    • Powder hopper drain alarm (patent pending)
    • 50 memory slots for favorite and Powder Learn charges
    • Available external battery pack adds portability
    • 16-segment LCD touchscreen display

The 2021 RCBS Powder Dispenser Lineup

Above: RCBS Chargemaster Link (left), RCBS Chargemaster Supreme (center), RCBS Matchmaster (right)

In 2019, RCBS released the Matchmaster, a top-shelf electronic powder dispenser with 0.04 grain accuracy. For 2021 RCBS is releasing the Chargemaster Link (an affordable dispenser), and the Chargemaster Supreme which builds on the capabilities of the Link.

Here’s a complete comparison from RCBS showing a breakdown of the features and specs for these electronic powder dispensers: (click/tap to enlarge)

What’s In  the Box

The RCBS Chargemaster Supreme comes with the following:

  • Powder Dispenser main unit
  • AC adapter with multiple international adapters
  • (2) 50g calibration weights
  • Platen
  • Pan
  • Instruction booklet
  • Cleaning brush
  • Powder hopper

In order to use the bluetooth functionality, all you need is a compatible iOS or Android device! I used my iPhone.

Setting Up

I assembled the machine (in about 1.5 minutes), plugged it into power, downloaded the RCBS Reloading app, and was off and running! After letting the Chargemaster Supreme warm up for 30 minutes, I used the RCBS Reloading app to calibrate the scale (for the first time on camera, it was smooth and simple) before dispensing any charges.

Here you can see how simple the on-screen instructions are:

Powder Learning Function

One of the features that sets the Chargemaster Supreme apart from other scales is its powder learning function, see upper right-hand black hardware button here (this shows test running):

This function will run a set of tests for a specific powder where the Chargemaster Supreme learns the dispensing characteristics of the powder for more efficient and accurate dispensing. Very cool!

Another feature I REALLY like on the Chargemaster Supreme is the drain alarm. If you leave the powder drain open and go to use the Chargemaster Supreme, it will beep at you until you close the drain. This saved me from spilling powder during the filming of the video.

Here’s a shot showing the side drain in action:

I started my powder tests with some Hodgdon Varget, and that worked well for two different charge weights I tried (one simulating an 223 charge, and the other simulating a 308 type charge). These charges dispensed perfectly with no over/under charges!

For my next test, I tried Winchester Staball 6.5. This time I dispensed loads at pistol level, and at magnum rifle level just to test out the extremes. Again, the scale and dispenser worked perfectly with no over or under charges. Success!

Lab Test/Comparison

Per reader/viewer request, I ran a couple tests comparing the scale on the Chargemaster Supreme with a precision lab balance, the AND FX-120i. Based on two tests (24.0 and 48.0 grains) the Chargemaster Supreme and FX-120i agreed to an average difference of only 0.01 grains! I could hardly believe it. The scale on the Chargemaster Supreme is obviously top-notch. The Chargemaster Supreme’s scale was 100% repeatable in all tests (removing pan and replacing it on the platen).

Get Yours

You can get your own Chargemaster Supreme directly from RCBS:

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  1. Gavin:

    How many seconds did it take to dispense the 48 grs. of powder (both stick and ball powder) with this new dispenser?

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