Quick Look: Forster Dies from the Inside Out

Forster makes some pretty amazing reloading dies, but you may not realize all of the features and details they include until you look inside, and that’s what we’ll do in this story!

Forster’s Demo Die Set

You may not be able to buy this specialty cut-away die set, but they are very useful to show the internal workings for these dies. If you want to see them yourself, you may have to find a way into the SHOT Show!

Above: Forster demo die set in 30-06 with a Forster Benchrest die (left) and Forster Full-Length Sizer die (right).

These dies are interesting because they show some of the features that make Forster dies great.

Forster Full-Length Sizer Die Special Features

Here’s some unique features for these full-length sizer dies:

  • Elevated expander ball which is held concentric while punching out case necks by the neck sizing area of the die
  • Vent hole to let out air and excess lube
  • Replaceable decapping pin
  • Die lock rings specifically designed to work optimally with the Forster Co-Ax reloading press
  • Custom honing of neck area is available to precisely control bullet seating neck tension

Calculating Neck Tension (Honed Dies, Bushing Dies)

From the Forster Bushing Bump Die Article.

There are two major factors that will affect die setup with the Forster Bushing Bump Die: Die height for shoulder bump, and bushing diameter for neck tension. The first thing to do is measure bullet diameter and case neck thickness to determine the optimal bushing diameter. I would suggest using a micrometer for bullet diameter (or use published bullet diameter), and to use a ball micrometer (like the RCBS unit) for case neck thickness.

Once you have these numbers, it’s easy to calculate optimal bushing size, which is a factor of:

  1. Bushing diameter (inches, as calculated) = BD
  2. Bullet diameter (inches, as measured) = D
  3. Average case neck thickness (inches, as measured) = T
  4. Bullet tension press fit = BT = 0.001″
  5. Brass spring back factor = SBF = 0.001″

The formula is: BD = D + 2 x T – BT – SBF

Simplified, this becomes: BD = D + 2 x T – 0.002″

Here’s the video:

Forster Benchrest and Ultra-Micrometer Seater Dies

And some features that make Forster seating dies work well:

  • Sliding collar aligns case with bullet while seating takes place
  • Micro-adjustable seating stem
  • Ultra-Micrometer provides micrometer scale to set bullet seating depth to 0.001″ accuracy (or even better)

Get Yours

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