Hornady New Scales: G3-1500 Pocket Scale, M2 Digital Bench Scale

I just got my hands on the brand new scales released from Hornady in 2021! In this story, we take an initial overview on the G3-1500 Pocket Scale and the M2 Bench Digital Scale hands-on and test how accurate they are.

G3-1500 Scale

Here’s the information on these new scales from the Hornady Website:

Item No. 050104. The G3-1500 Digital Scale features a precision load cell with 1500-grain maximum capacity, a large digital backlit touchscreen and on-board storage for the calibration weight. The clear plastic hinged lid provides added protection. The scale offers quick setup and calibration.

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M2 Digital Bench Scale

Item No. 050111. With its 1500-grain capacity, the M2 Digital Bench Scale is precise to a tenth (0.1) of a grain. It features a precision load cell, large LCD display, on-board storage for calibration weight, leveling feet and bubble level, easy-to-clean housing and plastic windscreen. It’s quick to calibrate and set up.

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Unboxing, Setup, and Calibration

After unboxing both scales, I made sure to have them turned on for a long time (>30mins) to ensure they were warmed up. For the battery powered scale, this involves turning it back on after self-power down occasionally. I then calibrated both, which was very straightforward and simplified from previous scales.

Calibrating the G3-1500

1. Hold down the “CAL” button on the front touch screen.

2. Put 10g weight (provided with the scale) on the scale.

3. Scale will then “pass” the weight and be calibrated.

Calibrating the M2 Bench Scale

1. Hold down the “CAL” button on the front touch screen.

2. Put 10g weight (provided with the scale) on the scale.

3. Scale will “pass” the weight, and then ask for the 50g weight.

4. Put 50g weight (provided with the scale) on the scale.

5. Scale will then “pass” the weight and be calibrated.

Again, this entire process was very easy to do and all the equipment needed came with the scales!

Initial Comparisons and Tests

I decided to compare the accuracy of these two new scales to the AND EJ-54D2 Scale, which is my most precise scale and measures up to 0.003 accuracy of a grain, using Hodgdon H4350 powder.

The G3-1500 Pocket Scale and M2 Digital Bench Scales both held up very well.

The AND EJ-54D2 scale measured the powder at 27.360 gn.

The G3-1500 measured the powder at 27.3 gn (even after multiple tests!)

The M2 Digital Bench measured the power at 27.4 gn (even after multiple tests!)

These results are “right in the middle” of the measured value produced by the EJ-54D2.

Needless to say, both of these new scales from Hornady are very accurate and consistent with their measurements.

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