Responding to “2020”, looking forward: Lyman and Mark 7

The last year has been TRULY crazy- the election “predictable”, but that was just the beginning. In this video, I discuss the events of this last year, and what both Lyman and Mark 7 have done to cope with unprecedented demand and a surge of new customers.

I want to thank Chris Lindblom from Lyman and Mark 7 for making the “trek” out to Ultimate Reloader to have this discussion with me. Stay tuned, because there’s another video coming that I filmed with Chris- the latest from Mark 7 Reloading!

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2 thoughts on “Responding to “2020”, looking forward: Lyman and Mark 7”

  1. I’d really like for this request to make it to Gavin. I’m a 66 year old Air Force veteran that is considering looking into getting started with primer manufacturing. I realize such a venture would be a ‘marathon’ not ‘sprint.’ I’ve been accumulating information for a couple of decades that could be potentially useful. I’d like to get your input about the feasibility, pro’s and con’s? I know I’d need to get BATF licensing, explosive handling and storage equipment and a suitable rural work-space to meet safe distance requirements. Thanks!

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