UR 2.0: 200K Subscribers, New Studio, Here’s What’s Next!

Here at Ultimate Reloader, a LOT has been going on! From surpassing 200,000 subscribers, to building a new studio area, and lots of other things as well! Here’s my quick update on all that and what’s next!

Hitting 200,000 Subscribers on YouTube

I had no idea when I started the Ultimate Reloader YouTube channel that I would ever hit 200,000 subscribers. And as of the writing of this article, Ultimate Reloader has 204,000+ subscribers. CRAZY. Thanks to everyone in the industry and in the community that has been a part of making this happen. I’m trilled! And this milestone has been a great time to “turn things up a click” across the board! The following are some of the highlights.

The New Ultimate Reloader Studio

We’ve been hard at work here at Ultimate Reloader building out a completely new studio so that we can film better videos, and have more efficient productions. It’s AWESOME! Here are some of the updates:

  • Completely new shop/studio setup with pine walls as backdrop for filming.
  • All new lighting power/drops and remote controls for all of the lights.
  • New cameras
  • Many new shop improvements

Here’s a frame grab from the video showing the new setup:

New Partners, Capabilities, Gear

A lot of cool things are coming together, with a ton of new products and gear that will be showing up on the channel!

I’ve recently brought on master gunsmith Gordy Gritters and Fred Zeglin of 4DReamer Rentals as partners. We’ll be doing some interesting collaborative projects together- so watch out for those!

I’ve also got some cool new facilities and tools coming onboard as well (as noted in video).

Again, I want to thankĀ  you all for your support in getting to where I am today with Ultimate Reloader. I couldn’t do it without you! Look for more “unveilings” here soon!

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