Hands-ON: Rimfire KYL Rack from D-M Targets, AR500 Steel Fun

If you are looking for a great rimfire training tool, or just a really good time you have to check out the Rimfire KYL Rack from D-M Targets! What is a KYL rack? It’s from what’s called a “Know Your Limits” stage in rifle matches (like PRS). The idea is to shoot at multiple targets successively that get smaller and smaller. If you keep shooting and miss one, you loose all of your points (in a typical match). It’s a great challenge, and great fun. In this article, I’ll give a complete overview of the Rimfire KYL Rack from D-M Targets which I just got recently.

What’s In the Box

From the Rimfire KYL Rack from D-M Targets product page:

Set of 8 AR500 swinging targets fully welded to DOM tube for smooth action and longevity. From the box to shooting in tool free minutes. Targets ship unpainted

Set included:

    • 2″ target (1/4″ AR500)
    • 1 3/4″ target (1/4″ AR500)
    • 1 1/2″ target (1/4″ AR500)
    • 1 1/4″ target (1/4″ AR500)
    • 1″ target (1/4″ AR500)
    • 3/4″ target (1/4″ AR500)
    • 1/2″ target (3/8″ AR500)
    • 1/4″ target 3/8″ AR500)
    • cross bar
    • 2 leg brackets
    • 4 pin together legs
    • 4 leg extentions
    • 4 ball dent pins

We design our products with durability, reactivity and acoustics in mind. With our free hanging systems products can move and ring while still remaining engaged on the hanger. They can also be bolted to various other hanging systems, but it will dampen the movement and sound.

We also take convenience and ease of use into consideration when designing our hanging systems. Most of our hanger systems are tool-less and set up in minutes. Time is precious, so we don’t want to waste your fiddling with bolts and wrenches.

Cut from AR500 Steel. AR500 steel provides the best mix of hardness to not crater and cause erratic ricochet patterns, while not being so hard as to become brittle.

This product is cut with a water table cooled plasma torch. Targets are cool to the touch right after being cut. After being cut smaller targets are tumbled, while larger targets are wire wheeled to remove dross. They are then quality checked for fit with our hanger systems and ready to be used. You can apply spray paint if desired.

Powder coating, while available, is not recommended. While it is durable, it will certainly not stand up to being shot. We offer our products “in the raw” because it saves you money. And who doesn’t like saving money?


Prior to assembly, you’ll need to unpack the KYL rack, and also clean off residue from the manufacturing process. I sprayed some WD-40 on a blue shop towell and wiped everything down. Optionally, you may want to paint the entire target system. Note: You’ll want to keep the leg extensions inside the outer leg tube. You can use one of the supplied pins in each extendable leg to prevent the leg extension from sliding out.

Each time you go to setup the Rimfire KYL Rack from D-M Targets it should take no more than 5 minutes, including the following steps:

  1. For each two-leg side assembly, slide the open end of the tubing over the leg bracket. Secure with a pin.
  2. Slide the swinging targets onto the main shaft in the order shown above
  3. Slide both two-leg assemblies over the ends of the main shaft
  4. Place the rubber retainers over each end to hold the KYL rack together (leave sideways room for targets to swing). Adjust leg extensions to level main shaft if on uneven ground or a slope.

Now you can re-paint the swinging targets and shoot!

Shooting the KYL Rack

Depending on your rifle, optics (magnification), and weather conditions (mirage, wind) you’ll want to setup the KYL rack between 50 yards and 75 yards away from the shooter. If you have new shooters (especially youngsters) you may want to move it closer than 50 yards.

Abobve: shooter (top), X-Sight Pro 4K scope view  (bottom left), Closeup cam (bottom right)

Once you get things setup, it’s a matter of shooting the targets from left to right (or in whatever order/sequence you want!). There are multiple games you can play here including the traditional “Know Your Limits”, a score-based system, and more. It’s totally FUN!

My Rifle and Ammunition

The precision rimfire rifle used in this story is the all-new Bergara B-14R rimfire trainer. I’ve had really good results with this rifle! For more information, check out my in-depth overview story. You can also go directly to the Bergara Product Page for the B-14R.

The ammunition I’ve tested with GREAT results is pictured above: (SK Rifle Match used for KYL rack testing)

Save 10% For a Limited Time

If you are interested in this KYL Rack from D-M Targets, there’s good news! For a limited time, you can save 10% on all steel targets at D-M Targets with the exception of their Rimfire Mover Target System.

If you want to check out the Rimfire KYL Rack at D-M Targets, click here:

…and I’ll be bringing you a lot more steel target action (both rimfire and centerfire). So don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!


2 thoughts on “Hands-ON: Rimfire KYL Rack from D-M Targets, AR500 Steel Fun”

  1. Hi Gavin,
    Great .22 LR shooting target set up. Does the manufacturer ship to Canada? Nova Scotia in particular.
    I’d try painting the target stand a mat black with the target portion a fluorescent orange. It might be able to be seen easier against your landscape.
    Does the manufacturer also make a carry bag for this target set?
    Great video!

    1. No, he doesn’t make a carry bag for it but these things are super fun! I have many targets from D-M Targets (I shoot with him at local matches) and can’t say enough good things about the quality. As far as shipping to Canada, I’d recommend just messaging him on Facebook (he responds rather quickly, PST zone) and just ask him directly. Good luck!

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