SHOT Show 2020: Five New Products from Federal Premium

Federal Premium has been BUSY! At the 2020 SHOT Show, I had the opportunity to hear about all of these new products spanning muzzle loader, defensive shotshell, lever-action, long-range rifle, and defensive pistol! Here’s the “full story”!

NEW! FireStick Muzzle Loader Technology

If you are a muzzle loader shooter, you have likely experienced some of the “unique challenges” associated with this type of firearm system. Since components like the powder charge and primer aren’t protected from the elements like they are in modern ammunition cartridges, things like humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on the reliability of muzzleloader rifles. Federal Premium has come up with a solution for these problems with their new modular muzzlerloader system called FireStick.

From the Federal Premium FireStick product page:

Breech Breakthrough
FireStick’s charge is completely impervious to moisture and loaded to the same tight tolerances as Federal Premium factory ammunition, ensuring shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy muzzleloaders have never experienced. The charge unloads quickly, simply and safely by slipping out of the breech-there’s no need to fire the rifle.

    • bullet rendering with numbered callouts
    • Shooter inserts 209-type muzzleloading primer
    • Fast, effortless loading and unloading
    • Same tight tolerances and quality controls as loaded ammunition
    • Propellant capsule loaded with clean-burning Hodgdon® Triple Eight™ powder
    • Impervious to moisture and the elements

I am super-curious to give FireStick a try!

NEW! Force X2 Defensive Shotshell Ammunition

Force X2 is an all-new concept that applies a “multiplier” to traditional buckshot!

From the Federal Premium New Products Page:

Turn your shotgun into the ultimate defensive platform with new Force X2™. Its nine copper-plated 00 FX2 buckshot pellets are specially engineered to split into two equal-size pieces on impact. This doubles the number of wound channels from nine to 18, improves the transfer of energy from the payload to the target, and minimizes the potential for over-penetration, reducing the risk to bystanders. Force X2 is also loaded for more manageable recoil, allowing the shooter to stay on target for faster follow-ups and better accuracy in a self-defense situation.

NEW! HammerDown Lever Action Ammunition

Getting ammunition to feed and perform reliably (and optimally) from a lever gun presents some unique challenges, and that’s what Federal’s new lever action ammunition is aimed at. It’s called HammerDown!

From the Federal Premium HammerDown Product Page:

Make your lever gun run like never before with the industry’s only ammunition truly designed for optimal feeding and overall performance from the time-tested rifle platform. Velocities of all-new Federal Premium HammerDown loads are customized to produce superior ballistics and terminal performance through lever-action barrel lengths. The construction of the molecularly bonded soft point bullets has also been adjusted for the best accuracy and expansion at those velocities. The geometry of each round’s case, bullet and cartridge ensures flawless cycling through tubular magazine and typical lever-action feeding systems.

NEW! Federal Premium Terminal Ascent Long-Range Hunting Ammunition

If you are a long-range hunter looking for precision, Terminal Ascent will be something to check out!

From the Federal Premium Terminal Ascent Product Page:

Any hunt. Any range. Go beyond what you ever thought possible with Federal Premium Terminal Ascent. Bonded construction penetrates deep on close targets, while the patented Slipstream polymer tip initiates expansion at velocities 200 fps lower than comparable designs. The bullet’s long, sleek profile offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient, and its AccuChannel groove technology improves accuracy and minimizes drag.

NEW! Federal Premium Punch Defensive Ammunition

Punch implements a simple model for defensive ammunition: Affordable simplicity and reliability. This is ammunition you can practice with, and you can also carry with. Targeted at reliability in a variety of types of defensive handguns, this ammunition is aimed at confidence without unnecessary features and cost.

From the Federal Premium New Products Page:

Protection now delivers a knockout blow. New Punch draws from our decades of experience designing the world’s finest defensive handgun loads. The bullet’s skived jacket and soft lead core produce the best expansion and penetration for the price, while its nickel-plated brass and sealed primer deliver the reliable feeding and ignition you need to protect yourself.

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