Shot Show 2020: Four New Products from Lyman

Lyman has been introducing more new products in the last few years than they have in a long time! This year while at the SHOT show, I caught up with Spencer Karoll (a Lyman Engineer) to hear about three exciting new products Lyman is bringing to market in 2020. Check it out!

Lyman Stainless Steel Pro Dies and Die Sets

Since Lyman acquired Mark 7 Reloading, they’ve been innovating like crazy. Part of this innovation went into the design of a series of dies that are both “Professional” and “Progressive-Press” oriented, hence the “PRO” name.

From the Lyman Product Page:

Lyman Pro dies will set a new standard for reloading die performance! Designed for the tremendous volume of our Mark 7 presses, every aspect of these precision dies was carefully engineered for top performance. Of course, they work great in regular progressive presses as well as turret and single station presses.

Our first consideration was the material of the dies. Our size, seat and crimp dies are all made of stainless steel which was chosen for its toughness and anti-corrosion qualities. No more rusted dies! Our sizing dies are equipped with highly polished carbide rings for the ultimate in wear resistance and reduced sizing force. In addition, the sizing dies are equipped with a spring-loaded decapping rod system to ensure that the primer is forcefully ejected from the primer pocket.

Our rifle sets get our famous M die neck expander, with its famous two step expander plug for just the right amount of neck tension and case mouth flare. The pistol sets include our flare die which are designed to allow bullets to properly sit on the case mouth prior to seating.

Next is our Micrometer Seating die. This seating die has a micrometer adjustable seating head for precision bullet seating length. Its floating bullet seating punch centers the bullet on the case and eliminates excessive run-out.

Finally, each set is equipped with a taper crimp die (micrometer adjust) to fully remove any case mouth flare and to provide improved bullet retention. Lyman Pro dies offer more features at a better price than any competitive dies available!

Product numbers available: 7701000, 7707004, 7701008, 7701012, 7701016, 7701020, 7701028, 7701032, 7701024

Lyman Borecam Pro Wireless Borescope

For a LONG time I’ve been looking for a borescope that makes it possible to capture HD-resolution video and images, and it’s HERE! And it’s also wireless!

From the Lyman Product Page:

Lyman’s new Borecam Pro borescope takes barrel inspection to a whole new level! The wireless Borecam Pro produces its own WiFi signal which sends super clean and detailed images directly to your phone. No wires or monitors to get in the way during use. Carefully inspect your bores for wear, throat erosion, tool marks and other rifling damage, as well as copper or lead fouling. The Borecam Pro will fit 20 caliber and larger barrels and is now equipped with a longer 24” rod. In addition to taking photos, the Borecam Pro now takes sharp, clear videos. The Borecam Pro’s easy-to-use app makes storing and retrieving photos and video simple. Apps are available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

• Wireless WiFi operation
• 720P Resolution for a clean, sharp image
• Fits 20 caliber and larger barrels
• 24” long rod
• Can take photos and video
• Easy to use apps for iOS and Android phones or tablet

Product number: 04059

I’ll be looking forward to in-depth product coverage for this tool as soon as I get my hands on one!

Lyman Torque Wrench Screwdriver

A torque wrench type screw driver is an essential tool for tasks like installing scope bases, rings bases, and ring caps! And now Lyman has their own!

From the Lyman Product Page:

The Lyman Torque Wrench is a must for accuracy minded shooters and gunsmiths. The Lyman Torque Wrench will allow you to safely and correctly attach scope bases, scope rings, action screws and other fasteners to firearms. Correct screw torque prevents damage to screw threads, screw heads, threaded surfaces and optics. Consistent screw torque will also help get the best accuracy from your firearm.

Lyman AccuSight Sight Installation/Alignment Tool

Have you ever used a drift punch and bench block to install or adjust a stubborn pistol sight? It can be very frustrating: especially when your tool slips and you scratch the slide on your pistol! Lyman (a company that started off as a gun sight company) has just introduced one of the coolest looking tools that should make sight installation and adjustment both quick and “elegant”.

From the Lyman Product Page:

Lyman’s new AccuSight Pistol Sight Tool sets the standard by which all others will be judged! Proudly made right here in our Middletown CT plant, the AccuSight tool is CNC machined from billet aluminum. It can adjust, install or remove front or rear dovetail pistol sights, and has a machined pocket for 1911 slides. The AccuSight features 4 horizontal and 1 vertical slide clamps, full range height adjustment, and 1/32” increment windage adjustment scale on the sight pusher. The large sight pusher handle provides plenty of torque to move even the most stubborn sights. The AccuSight Pistol Sight Tool is a must for gunsmiths, competition shooters, or anyone who wants to properly work on pistol sights.

    • Adjusts, install or remove dovetail pistol sights
    • CNC machined aluminum body
    • 4 horizontal and 1 vertical slide clamps
    • 1/32” increment adjustment scale
    • Large sight pusher handle allows moving stubborn sights
    • Works with most pistols with front or rear dovetailed sights

Product number: 7031287

I’ll be showing these new Lyman products here on Ultimate Reloader- don’t miss out on these Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!


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