Overview: Lyman Brass Smith Adjustable Powder Trickler

When I saw the Lyman Brass Smith adjustable powder trickler at the last SHOT show, I thought to myself: “I could use a trickler with those features”. What features am I talking about? A cast aluminum body paired with adjustable steel base (low center of gravity!), long-reach tube, oversize turned knob, and more. In this article I’ll show you this trickler and demo a few different configurations. Let’s get to it!

Here’s a few of the scenarios I showed in the video:

Trickling with a Beam Scale

With a beam scale and trickler, you can fine-tune powder charges to a high degree of precision. It’s not the fastest way to measure powder, but it’s cost effective and quite precise. I tested the Lyman Brass Smith Adjustable Powder Trickler with the Lyman Beam Scale and found it to be the perfect height at the trickler’s lowest height setting.

Trickling with a Low-Profile Electronic Scale

I tested the Lyman Brass Smith Adjustable Powder Trickler with a low-profile electronic scale I use frequently: the Hornady GS-350. Again I had the height setting at its lowest position, and it worked well. I’ll note here that if powder spillage in this situation is a problem, you can shim up your scale about 1/2″, and then fine tune the trickler tube clearance over your pan to about 1/8″. That would be the way to dial-in this kind of setup perfectly.

Trickling with the A&D FX-120i Lab-Grade Scale

Trickling with the A&D FX-120i lab scale: NOTE: the wind screen is removed to show the setup here, but should be in-place when trickling critical powder charges

The A&D FX-120i is a large scale- it’s both wide and tall. For this setup, I shimmed the Lyman Brass Smith Adjustable Powder Trickler up about 3/4″, and maxed-out the height setting. With this scale, the long-reach tube is a must- otherwise it would be very difficult to get this kind of configuration to work. The Lyman Brass Smith Adjustable Powder Trickler shined here.

A Lineup of Tricklers in my Shop

I thought this would be a good opportunity to show the powder tricklers that I have in my shop side-by-side! From left to right above we have:

  1. Hornady economy powder trickler
  2. RCBS cast aluminum powder trickler (an older unit, replaced by new model)
  3. MEC powder trickler
  4. Lyman Brass Smith Adjustable Powder Trickler

Hopefully this helps you compare if you already have a trickler pictured above.

Here are some of the things I like about the Lyman powder trickler:

  • Adjustable height
  • Low center of gravity
  • Long-reach tube with internal threads
  • Precise control
  • Fit/finish
  • Price (I’ve seen street prices below $20!)

Do you have this trickler? Please leave a comment and let us all know what you think of it!

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