100,000 Subscribers Goal Surpassed!

Looking back, I can honestly say I’m surprised to be a full-time YouTuber and blogger here in late 2019. When I started my YouTube channel back in December of 2007, I had only one goal: to share things that were interesting to me. The following month, I uploaded my first reloading video, an overview of the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP press, my “new toy” at the time. Now, 12 years later I am working on Ultimate Reloader and related projects full-time.

This month, I achieved a goal I’ve been working towards for years- exceeding the 100,000 subscriber milestone on YouTube. WOW. This opens up some great new opportunities I’ll be pursuing in 2020, more details on that shortly!

A Big Thank You to My Audience

One thing is for sure: Ultimate Reloader wouldn’t be what it is with out you all: the audience. I’m very appreciative of the interest you all have shown, and all of the loyal fans that have followed me over the years. It’s been a TON of fun sharing stories with you all, and I absolutely love to correspond via comments and emails. THANK YOU!

A Big Thanks to The Industry

I also very much appreciate the support I’ve gotten from the shooting sports and related industries. The level of synergy I’ve built with the industry has grown steadily over the years. Now I’m working with these companies to help demonstrate products, evaluate new products, and to give input into new product designs. Initially I was focused solely on reloading equipment and processes. Now that has expanded significantly! It’s been a lot of fun to build rifles, test firearms, and bring field shooting stories to you all.

What’s Next

In 2020, look for more of the same kinds of stories- but even better! I’ll be doing more rifle builds, more pistol shooting, more reloading, and in-depth features on another level (an example is the progressive press shootout which will be published in 2020). If you have ideas and requests, please leave a comment!

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6 thoughts on “100,000 Subscribers Goal Surpassed!”

  1. Congratulations! Next target… 250k subscribers.
    I’m an avid reloader and enjoy watching your rifle builds.
    I would like for you to address those rookies just wanting to get into reloading w/o spending a fortune. We all commit the ultimate sin by buying everything under the sun we think may improve our reloads, but there is a way to reload good ammo (including long-distance ammo) with basic equipment. If I would have known then what I know now I would have saved a ton of money. A video dedicated to newbies telling them what they absolutely need and forget all the bells and whistles we end up piling up in a corner.

    1. Sorry to hear that. I bought a Lee Breechlock Challenger kit to get started and learn about reloading. My press has been making sub MOA ammo all with $139
      kit. Yes I will upgrade to a better press but don’t assume so many are impractical with their decisions-lol. I’d assume the vast majority do not do what you did. Even when purchasing rifles the majority of Americans still buy a budget rig. That is why so many low end rifles and reloading kits sell . Marketers attempt to separate people from their money but the reality is that they are limited in doing so.

  2. Yours is the most informative, all encompassing site its been my pleasure to find for the shooting industry.

    Just keep up as you’ve been doing and I’ll be with you for years.

  3. I enjoy all of your posts even if it is something that doesn’t interest me. Most do. If you haven’t already I would be interested in ultrasonic cleaner comparisons and what media might be used in them for cleaning gun parts as well as cases.

  4. Keep up the good work! I like the systematic and detailed approach. Thanks for always keeping the content fresh and interesting.

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