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Two of my most important goals when reloading are efficiency and enjoyment. And to accomplish these goals when reloading, it’s imperative to have your reloading press and bench properly equipped and setup. Until recently I have struggled to find the right configuration for my RCBS Pro Chucker 5 and Pro Chucker 7 reloading presses. They come with bench brackets that support two bins: one for brass, and one for completed cartridges. This worked fine for me until I upgraded these presses to use the Inline Fabrication Ultramount system with quick change. It was great to get these presses “up off the bench” to a more ergonomic position, but that meant the bench brackets would no longer work. The solution: the Inline Fabrication Sidebin system!

Simple Install

These sidebin brackets sandwich between the press and your press mount (or bench for that matter). I just unbolted the Ultramount quick change plate from my RCBS Pro Chucker 7, inserted the bracket between the press and the quick change plate, and re-tightened the bolts to hold it all in place. It’s quick and simple.

My RCBS Pro Chucker 7 Setup for 224 Valkyrie

As noted in the video, you can get these sidebins either with standard 7/8″ die rack holes, or oversize holes to accommodate the Hornady Lock-N-Load bushing system. I found my optimal setup for the RCBS Pro Chucker 7 to be brass in the left bin, completed cartridges in the right bin, and a small box of bullets over the die rack (as shown here, except there’s a die in place of the bullet box):

You can get sidebins with various layouts/options for a variety of presses. Here’s the list as of the time of the writing of this article:

I’m finally happy with my Pro Chucker 7 setup! And now I’m also wondering about improved brackets for my Hornady Lock-N-Load AP presses! Do you have one of these sidebin systems? Please leave a comment telling us how you feel about them!

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  1. Love my Inline Fabrication mounts. I have the quick change flush mount and plates for all three presses 1) RCBS Rockchucker, 2) Honady LNL AP and 3) MEC Sizemaster.

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