NEW! Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure and Stand

One of the things I was intrigued by at the SHOT Show this year was the new powder measure and  powder measure stand from Lyman (Brass Smith). Lyman Engineer Spencer Karoll gave me the “brief” on the features for these products at the SHOT Show, and at that point, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. Well, that day is here! That’s the topic of this story…

Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure Overview

The Lyman Brass Smith powder measure comes with everything you need to meter powder all the way from light-weight pistol charges, up to large rifle cartridges. And what’s more, you don’t have to disassemble this measure or swap parts to change charge weight ranges- the sliding rod in the metering insert takes care of that! You pick a coarse charge weight range by adjusting the rod, and then fine-tune by twisting the thimble. That’s it!

From the Lyman Product Page:

Whether dropping charges for small pistol cases or large rifle cases, this measure gives consistent and accurate performance. The CNC machined steel metering cylinder features a micrometer adjustable thimble with reference lines so resetting the measure is easy. The reservoir is equipped with a powder baffle which maintains a consistent powder level for top accuracy. Includes two drop tubes to cover the full range of calibers.
•    Micrometer adjustment
•    Ambidextrous metering cylinder/handle
•    Multiple handle angle positions for optimum comfort
•    CNC machined steel metering cylinder
•    Includes powder baffle
•    Machined with 7/8”x14 threads to fit all presses and stands

Here’s a closeup of the working parts for this powder measure:

Above we have:

  • Drum: meters powder via variable size cavity
  • Quick Detach Nut: Used to pull powder measure off the die body (for quick dumping)
  • Handle: used to dispense powder charges (has roller handle)
  • Drop Funnel: Guides powder into case or pan (two sizes included, large and small)
  • Coarse Adjustment Rod: Used to make coarse adjustments to powder charge weight
  • Thimble: Used to make fine adjustments to powder charge weight

Here are some numbers from my own first hand testing:

  • Minimum charge weight (per dump): 0.5 grains (CFE pistol tested)
  • Maximum charge weight (per dump): 150 grains (Varget tested)
  • Charge consistency: +/- ~0.2 grains, ~46 grain charge Hodgdon Varget
  • Charge consistency: +/- ~0.1 grains, ~6 grain charge CFE Pistol
  • Hopper capacity: 0.370 lb (Varget tested)

Here’s the max charge (thimble backed out, coarse adjustment rod extended fully):

Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure Stand

I absolutely love this stand, and how it works with the Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure. It also integrates nicely with the Ultimate Reloader Bench System!

Here’s specifically what I like about it:

  • Quality of casting and machining – this aluminum stand is VERY nicely put together
  • Orange finish- it’s a very bold and attractive color (matches entire Brass Smith lineup)
  • Multiple mounting options (lugs on back and base)
  • Height and depth – lots of room to get loading blocks and cases under the powder drop funnel!

From the Lyman Product Page:

Lyman listened to the suggestions of our customers and have redesigned our powder measure stand. The new Brass Smith Powder Measure Stand can be mounted firmly to either a bench top or to a wall. Features standard 7/8”x 14 threads and will raise any measure high enough to easily position cases beneath the powder drop tube. Made of tough die cast aluminum.


The Lyman Brass Smith powder measure works very well, and is packed with great features, I like it a lot. And the stand is the perfect complement if you want to mount this powder measure on your bench, or on a wall. At about $50 street price for the powder measure, it’s a great value, and the $25 street price for the stand is great too.

If you want to buy this measure or stand, check out the deals at Midsouth Shooters Supply:

Stay tuned, because I have more great Brass Smith stories coming up! Don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!


One thought on “NEW! Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure and Stand”

  1. Hey Gavin Liked you showing of the Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure system but to me it seams like too many steps to go through and maybe it’s my OCD but it didn’t seam to through constant charges. Now I’ve been using the Lyman Gen6 Compact Powder System and I think it out performs all of the other powder systems out there. Just punch in you charge and forget about it! I would say I get 98 out of 100 charges that are on the money. So what are your thoughts about the Lyman Gen6?
    Really like your posts and read everyone that comes across.
    Thanks Again and as they say Keep On Keepin On.

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