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Most shooters know about SilecncerCo Suppressors, but there’s more to SilencerCo than just “cans”. In this article, I’m joined by Austin Harlan, owner down at The Range LLC in Yakima Washington. Austin is a SilencerCo dealer, and just the person to talk about SilencerCo products, reliability, and customer service! Here, we’ll discuss some of SilencerCo’s most popular products. In follow-up articles and videos, we’ll be exploring some of these products in-depth, so make sure you’re subscribed!

SilencerCo Suppressors

SilencerCo started as a suppressor company (as the name implies). They built their foundation on tough-as-nails suppressors, adaptability, and great customer service/support.

SilencerCo Omega

The SilencerCo Omega is available in two versions, the Omega 300 (30 caliber), and the Omega 9SD (9mm) which is focused towards LEO/Military scenarios.

The Omega 300 is a very popular suppressor (best selling rifle suppressor in history) for a few reasons:

  • It is very tough- 300 Win Mag rated, full-auto rated
  • It has an integral muzzle brake
  • Multi-caliber capability: from 5.56 to 30 caliber

From the SilencerCo Omega product page:

The best of all worlds: the Omega is the lightest, shortest, quietest, full auto rated, titanium .300 caliber (7.62mm) centerfire rifle silencer on the market. It’s also the best selling rifle silencer in history. Comes complete with direct thread and fast attach mounts as well as a removable Anchor Brake to reduce recoil, which can be replaced with a flat front cap.

SilencerCo Hybrid

Above: The SilencerCo Hybrid used with 300 Blackout on an AR-15

The Hybrid is an interesting concept: One suppressor that you can configure for multiple calibers. This includes the ability to change out the threaded mount on the muzzle end, and you can also swap out end caps that will optimize sound suppression for different calibers. The Hybrid is also built “like a tank” – it’s full-auto rated, and can handle rifle cartridges up to and including 338 Lapua Magnum! But this suppressor can also be used for pistol applications- from 9mm up to 44 ACP.

On the muzzle side, you can use either direct-thread mounts, or the same piston system (for pistols) as used by the Osprey.

Above: Gavin sporting “Grandpa Face” shooting a FN 45 ACP with the SilencerCo Hybrid

From the SilencerCo Hybrid product page:

The Hybrid is the silencer for any platform. Compatible with pistol calibers from 9mm to .45ACP, rifle calibers from 5.56mm to .45–70 GOV, and many in between like .458 SOCOM, the Hybrid is both full auto and magnum-rated and can be used on pistols, rifles, and submachine guns. Boasting low-120 dB’s on .300 BLK and remaining hearing safe with .45–70 GOV, the Hybrid offers an unparalleled pairing of versatility and performance ­­— a combination you’ve come to expect from SilencerCo products. The Hybrid is rated down to 16” barrels for .45–70 GOV and .458 SOCOM and down to 18” barrels for all magnum calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum. With a slew of compatible accessories available, you can turn the Hybrid into the perfect silencer for any demand.

SilencerCo Osprey 45

From the SilencerCo Osprey 45 product page:

The Osprey is the lightest, quietest, and only multicaliber polygonal centerfire pistol silencer on the market. The monocore baffle design in a polygonal package allows for greater internal volume and therefore better sound performance. The Osprey uses a patented cam locking system to index so that the flat sight plane can be lined up below the shooter’s line of sight, thereby avoiding blocking most standard pistol sights. 

Above: SilencerCo lineup, from left: Omega 300, Hybrid, Osprey 45

Other SilencerCo suppressors:

  • Salvo 12: A shotgun suppressor optimized for 12 gauge shotguns, and compatible with standard sighting systems (raised sights not needed).
  • Cimera 300: A rifle suppressor optimized for Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs)
  • Harvester: Aimed at hunting and long-range applications, the Harvester supports calibers up to 338 Lapua Magnum, and has an integral muzzle brake.
  • Saker ASR: A multi-caliber rifle suppressor with easy-to-use ASR mount
  • Octane:  A multi-caliber pistol suppressor that can be disassembled for cleaning.
  • Omega 9K, Omega 45K: The lightest suppressors for 9mm and 45ACP pistols respectively.
  • Rimfire: The Sparrow 22, Warlock 22, Spectre 22, Osprey Micro, and Switchback 22 are all aimed at rimfire applications.

SilencerCo Firearms

SilencerCo has also branched out into firearms: under the “Maxim” brand name.

Maxim 9

The Maxim 9 is an integrally suppressed 9mm handgun that’s got some interesting features- it’s configurable (you can add and remove baffles which affect overall length), and the form-factor is very short and slim for a suppressed handgun.

From the SilencerCo Maxim 9 product page:

The best of all worlds: the Omega is the lightest, shortest, quietest, full auto rated, titanium .300 caliber (7.62mm) centerfire rifle silencer on the market. It’s also the best selling rifle silencer in history. Comes complete with direct thread and fast attach mounts as well as a removable Anchor Brake to reduce recoil, which can be replaced with a flat front cap. The Maxim 9 is the world’s first integrally suppressed 9mm handgun that is holster-able and hearing safe with all types of 9mm ammunition. Shipped in its full-length configuration, the Maxim 9 comes with everything the user needs to shorten the overall length by more than 1”; in the short configuration, the Maxim 9 remains hearing safe with subsonic ammunition. Regardless of which configuration you use, the Maxim 9 represents one of the greatest strides made in both pistol and suppressor technology. No more choosing between keeping your pistol as short as possible and enduring deafening sound or adding a silencer and dealing with the added length and weight. Now, you can have the best of all worlds with the Maxim 9.

Maxim 50

The Maxim 50 takes things in a whole new direction for SilencerCo: a suppressed rifle (muzzle loader) that’s NOT an NFA item. In most states, you can have this muzzle loader shipped right to your door!

From the SilencerCo Maxim 50 product page:

For the first time since the National Firearms Act (NFA) was created in 1934, civilians can enjoy suppressed shooting in most states with SilencerCo’s latest innovation: the integrally suppressed Maxim 50 muzzleloader. In addition, this product can be purchased right now on the web with no regulation (no 4473, no $200 tax stamp, no photographs, and no fingerprints) and be shipped immediately to the customer with few exceptions. In addition to producing hearing safe sound results, the Maxim 50 also offers shooters greatly reduced recoil and a 2/3 reduction of smoke emissions when compared to non-moderated muzzleloaders. You can head to the SilencerCo web store today to buy your Maxim 50 and enjoy shooting suppressed.

Special Thanks to “The Range, LLC”

I want to thank Austin Harlan from The Range, LLC in Yakima Washington for his help with this article and video! If you are in the area, please stop in an pay him a visit (Google Maps link HERE), and tell them Gavin sent you! There’s an on-site range with defense training and rental guns, retail store, gunsmithing shop, and more.

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