2019 New Products From Lyman! SHOT Show 2019 Interview

Over the last year, Lyman Products has rolled out a TON of new reloading gear under their new Brass Smith lineup. You’ll want to check out my Brass Smith videos if you haven’t already! For 2019, Lyman is adding some awesome new tools to the lineup, and I got the full story at the 2019 SHOT Show from Lyman engineer Spencer Karoll himself!

2019 Brass Smith New Product Highlights

Brass Smith Case Trim XPRESS

This new case trimmer looks REALLY interesting- offering variable speed trimming with removable pilots, this new tool brings some of the advantages of larger and more expensive case trimming tools to a compact package, can’t wait to try this one!

Brass Smith Powder Trickler

There are a lot of powder tricklers on the market, and a lot of them offer basically the same features. Do we really need another powder trickler on the market? Yes- in fact the new Brass Smith powder trickler has some unique features including an elliptical pickup hole, knurled knob, and adjustable base (you can get the drop tube height dialed in!).  Look for this trickler on Ultimate Reloader in 2019!

Powder measure stand, universal press mount, new beam scale and more!

These are some of the additional products that Lyman just introduced, and I’ll be looking to get hands-on with some of these products as well!

Stay tuned here on Ultimate Reloader for all of the updates and in-depth product videos covering the new Brass Smith case trimmer, the new Brass Smith Powder Trickler, and more stories showing all of this “orange gear” in action!


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