New Lights for LEE Presses: KMS Squared UFO LM and UFO LT

It’s always fun to try new products, and the latest lights from KMS Squared are no exception! Recently released, the KMS Squared UFO LM is designed for the LEE Loadmaster, and the KMS Squared UFO LT fits LEE Turrets and the new LEE Breech Lock Pro. Let’s take a look at these new lights!

KMS Squared UFO LM

The KMS Squared UFO LM is specifically designed and optimized for the LEE Loadmaster. If you look at the press frame opening around the toolhead hole, you’ll see there’s not a lot of space to work with. But this optimized design not only fits perfectly on the LEE Loadmaster, it also puts out a LOT of light! Here’s what’s included with the UFO LM kit:

Pictured above:

  1. Packaging and instructions
  2. Power adapter
  3. Light ring with 21 high-power LEDs
  4. Mounting kit
  5. Switch

Everything you need to add a powerful light to your LEE Loadmaster!

KMS Squared UFO LT

The KMS Squared UFO LT is very similar to the UFO LM, but the light strip takes a different shape (half moon rather than circle). The UFO LT kit works with LEE Turret presses, and the LEE Breech Lock Pro. Here’s what’s in the KMS Squared UFO LT kit:

Pictured above:

  1. Packaging and instructions
  2. Power adapter
  3. Light strip (18 high-power LEDs)
  4. Mounting kit
  5. Switch

These lighting kits are easy to install (as you can see in the video) and have a lifetime warranty from a USA company! If you have a LEE reloading press, check out the KMS Squared UFO LM and the KMS Squared UFO LT

Here’s some good news: you will have the opportunity to win a free UFO lighting kit- in fact, I’ll be giving away one within a week of the publication of this article. Make sure you’re subscribed to get all of the details!

Do you have a UFO light on your press? I’d LOVE to hear your experiences! Please leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “New Lights for LEE Presses: KMS Squared UFO LM and UFO LT”

  1. I don’t own any Lee Loading products as I personally use Dillon presses, but do they offer lighting kits for other presses like mine?
    Also, in your video you mentioned you’ll be giving away some of these light setups but i didn’t see anywhere on this page where I can sign up and try to win. Could you please advise?
    Thank you for letting me be a subscriber to your channel. While I have been reloading for over 40 years I have picked up a few tips here and there while watching your channel and video, so I really appreciate it.
    Have a great weekend!

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