New: 224 Valkyrie Brass from Starline

Are you excited about 224 Valkyrie? I am! And it’s great to see more rifles and components geared towards this far-reaching AR-15 cartridge. And one of the exciting new products in this category is 224 Valkyrie brass from Starline!

Starline Rifle Brass

Why am I excited about 224 Valkyrie brass from Starline? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Starline rifle brass is very high quality, but is very affordable
  2. Starline works REALLY hard to keep high-demand brass in stock
  3. Attention to detail: Starline rifle cases are vertically drawn for consistency, are annealed between draws, and are subject to exacting quality control standards

You can buy Starline 224 Valkyrie brass directly from Starline, and Midsouth Shooters Supply also has it in stock (just checked).

Gavin’s 224 Valkyrie Project

Another reason I’m excited about 224 Valkyrie brass from Starline is because I’m going to be getting hands-on with this cartridge soon! Yes, it’s taking longer than expected, but I’m going to be doing some “new things” with this project, and it’s worth it to take your time and “do things right”. I’ve been talking with Johnny of Johnny’s Reloading Bench, and have been learning a lot about how I can get the most out of this cartridge. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’ll have more updates shortly.

Are you shooting 224 Valkyrie? Have you tried the new Starline cases? I would love to hear your experiences! Please leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “New: 224 Valkyrie Brass from Starline”

  1. I purchased a box of 100 pieces of 224 Valkyrie from Midway. I have at least 2 dozen press case holders but not any fit the Valkyrie. I ordered 2 Hornady #12 so that I could properly sort fired cases will my Amp Annealer Aztec function which is phenomenal. I use only Lapua in all other competition reloading but they don’t yet offer brass for 224 Valkyrie. So far I haven’t found a single case that was out of spec relative to all the rest of the Starline cases which I have weight sorted. Only checked about 20 so far but even Lapua averages about 85-87% when sorting so these look as though they might be comparable. I already have switched to Starline in 223 when using a 55 grain match load but stuck with Lapua in my 69 grain loads. Both shoot 1/2 moa in my Wilson Combat barreled AR. I am impressed with the Starline rifle brass as it is 1/2 the price of Lapua. I will continue using Lapua in 6BR, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel due to the small primer pocket and flash hole. Starline is worth trying for sure.

  2. I bought 250 pieces of Starline 224V brass and I am up to 6 or
    7 reloads with most and have had only a handful of loose primer pockets or split necks. All virgin brass measured 1.590″. Trimming has been minimal, being necessary, generally, after four firings. All brass is full sized then annealed after two firings. Definitely a well made product and the brass I’ll stay with for my Val.

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