YouTube Firearms Ban and Ultimate Reloader: Here’s What’s Happening

Hello everyone- I wanted to pro-actively reach out to let you all know about how the YouTube Firearms Content Restrictions announced this week will affect Ultimate Reloader, and what I am doing about it. Here’s a brief message I put together explaining this new policy, and my action plan:

Over the next two weeks you can expect several updates, I want to keep you all informed of what’s going on with Ultimate Reloader!

What We Know

The YouTube firearms policy published this week seems to prohibit any content related to ammunition reloading, and gunsmithing (my interpretation). Here’s a static image of the policy as it appeared on 03/23/2018: (click to go to current policy page):

The second bullet point above is the one that leads me to believe reloading and gunsmithing videos will be subject to flagging, removal, and could also result in channels being de-listed. This is really all we know at this point.

My Plans at this Point

I am not going to wait to see how this pans out with hopes that my videos will be allowed to stay on YouTube. I’m not 100% sure my videos will need to be taken down, perhaps more like 90% at this point.

Here are some things I’m acting on NOW (more updates to come in the near future)

  1. I am investing in other paid options for video hosting, and have the goal to have zero-down-time for video embeds here on
  2. I have been planning to expand my content portfolio on YouTube – I will continue in this direction. I plan to feature metalworking content (lathe operation, mill operation, etc) as well as other content related to the following: Outdoors, Tools, Machines. So, I do not currently plan to leave YouTube. I do plan to continue under the GavinToobe channel name I have had since 2007. I know many of you might say- just leave YouTube- but my channel is something I’ve poured THOUSANDS of hours into, and unfortunately there’s no alternative to replace it for the reach I need for my “new” content.
  3. I will be investing more in to make it easier to find content on, and to enhance the experience and community aspects as well.
  4. I will continue to publish great content here onĀ and will continue to work closely with the partners that make what I do possible.
  5. Ultimate Reloader will continue to be free, and will also sell more products (such as my reloading bench system/kit which is near Beta stage), and premium content (like the DVDs I already sell) in order to make ends meet.

Thank You

I really want to thank all of you readers and viewers. I want to thank you for visiting me here on this website and on YouTube over the last 10 years. I also want to thank the many industry partners that provide the resources, information, and partnership that makes this content possible. We will certainly carry on, and I appreciate all of the support.

If you feel compelled, please consider a pledge via Patreon to help Ultimate Reloader in this time of crazy transition!

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11 thoughts on “YouTube Firearms Ban and Ultimate Reloader: Here’s What’s Happening”

  1. Maybe YouTube should also ban videos that show how to make your car produce more horsepower, how to sharpen a knife or any other object, how to butcher an animal, and especially how to survive without government help. Lord help us all!

    Good luck Gavin. I enjoy your videos

  2. Let’s hope that the people that deal in firearms, ammo, reloading supplies, etc will post their videos on there own websites and allow others to post on their videos on their websites also. If this is done we can cause You Tube to lose all the revenue they would normally generate from advertising these products. All the people visiting these web sites can shift this advertising revenue to the providers of the host websites I had rather give pro-second Amendment companies the advertising revenue than a company like U Tube that want to take our rights away.

  3. I will stick with you Gavin. I have been watching as many videos of yours that I can and to have you doing this is a great step forward. Thank you for doing what you do.

  4. Thank you Gavin for your good work. I watch your instructive videos since 3 years ago. I expect you can continue for many years………..
    Dan from France

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