New Lyman Brass Smith Presses: See Them First Here on Ultimate Reloader

OK Guys- 2018 is going to be EPIC here on Ultimate Reloader! Seriously, lots of cool new products, and some new adventures I’ll be talking about soon. One of the exciting new partners I’ll be working with this year is Lyman Products! Lots of cool things to talk about, one of them is the new line up of reloading presses from Lyman for 2018: Brass Smith.

In the Brass Smith lineup, there are three new presses I’ll be showing:

Lyman Brass Smith Ideal single-stage c-frame press. An affordable and simple cast-iron construction press.

Lyman Brass Smith Victory single-stage press with on-press priming system.

Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8-station turret press with on-press priming system.

So, make sure you’re subscribed, and I’ll look forward to sharing these stories with you all very soon (goal is approx. late February 2018 to start the series). But that’s just the start, I’ll also be covering a ton of other new products and existing products from Lyman. Have something specific you’d like to see? Please drop a comment!


2 thoughts on “New Lyman Brass Smith Presses: See Them First Here on Ultimate Reloader”

  1. What I’d really like to see, is a comparison of turret presses. The RCBS vs new Lyman & the Redding. I’m mainly interested in the
    alignment precision. For full length sizing, I’m using a Rockchucker &
    L.E. Wilson dies. For all other reloading chores, I’m using an arbor
    press & Wilson dies. I shoot comp. around the Wenatchee & chelan

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