Ultimate Reloader is now Ad-Free on YouTube

Ever since starting my YouTube channel for Ultimate Reloader, I’ve been *really* underwhelmed with the earnings YouTube ads bring. It’s a fact that YouTube doesn’t pay well, but when you’re a shooting sports channel, things are really pathetic. Add to that recent political blacklisting and demonetization issues related to YouTube, and things just get worse. So I’ve decided to pull YouTube ads, which means I’ll make ends meet in other ways. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time, and decided not to wait any longer!

After telling myself “these ads aren’t worth it” for years, it feels good to move forward with this change. I hope this move translates to a better viewing experience for the shooting community, and I appreciate all of the support that you all have shown me over the years. I have a lot of exciting new partners, projects, and stories that I’m working on, and hope this change will help accelerate the future of Ultimate Reloader.


12 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader is now Ad-Free on YouTube”

  1. Thank you Gavin…. I learned to reload from you.
    Watching your channel and some others
    You have the best videos and your work area is always clean and bright. Keep up the great work brother… Semper Fi…..jc

  2. I am totally willing to kick in a few bucks via PayPal or whatever. I get value from your so freely given advise and instruction. Thank you for your contribution to our firearms community.

  3. Gavin, this is a good move on your part, these adds drive me nuts and i don’t use or subscribe to any of them. Are you thinking of becoming a supply house for the products you preview on your Ultimate Reloader website? i have purchased several things from your video’s on how to and demos. The Hornaday Lock-n-Load conversion kit, i purchased five of them to go with the MEC Press that you previewed, this is a great Press and the Hornady conversion kit worked really well. I also purchased some of the Hornady Dies. What ever you do to help us and you in the shooting will be greatly appreciated. The Best To You.

  4. Absolutely love your channel. Without you, I would never have gotten into reloading and sure as heck would not be good at it! Thank you! I would be happy to support you on Patreon. Thank you!

  5. As the Pa Dutch would say “To old we grow smart”. As I said in a previous post, sold my soul to the devil once…….do what you have to on your own. It will work. Have faith……..Mike

  6. Thank you Gavin for all the Great information you’ve given me. You have taught me in the past 6 years to reload and made it possible for me to pick out the right equipment for me. Your Videos have been the best! I Greatly appreciate everything you have done for the firearms community. …….Dave

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