Ultimate Reloader is Moving to the Country!

Have you ever had a dream that was so compelling that you just *knew* it was your calling? Four and a half years ago I had a dream- to stand on my own acreage on my 40th birthday. After looking all over the place, we found the “perfect” opportunity- 31 acres of land with a partially completed cabin. It was close enough to the city to drive over on the weekends, but far enough from the city to be private and remote- truly a getaway. On my 40th birthday, I stood on our new property, and felt an immense feeling of satisfaction and connection with the land. Since then, our family has finished the cabin, purchased the 23 acres next door, and spent a lot of time on the property. The problem? Every time I had to come back to the city and my corporate job, I got depressed. I wanted to live in the country- where I could be free of traffic, bad weather, and the “grind”. The country is where I belong I thought. Seems like everything I love to do is tied to the country: shooting sports, mountain biking, dualsport dirtbiking, camping, hiking, and the “small town” experience. So we decided to “sell it all and move to the country”.

As of this writing, I’ve quit my corporate job, sold our house in town, have mostly finished my mountain studio, and am in the process of moving. It’s been busy, but I’m really looking forward to the change of pace/scenery, and the opportunity to devote more attention and time to Ultimate Reloader!

The New Ultimate Reloader Studio

One of the things I’m most excited about as a part of this move is the new “Mountain Studio” I’m building. It will be a self contained climate controlled facility where I can perform gunsmithing, reload ammunition, develop load data, and shoot from- all in the same facility! What’s more, I can film everything I’m working on without having to “wait for the weekend cabin trip”. This is truly a game-changer for Ultimate Reloader. Here are some pictures illustrating the process of building out this new facility.

The first step was picking out the container! I decided to go with a 40′ high-cube (9′ tall rather than the standard 8′) one-trip (basically brand new) container from a local container company.

As you can see from this picture, there were quite a few to pick from! This was actually my second 40′ high-cube (this week I’m up to three total!) and it’s been quite the process getting the container built out. Here’s where I started from, essentially a “blank canvas”:


The first step was site prep, and moving the container to the spot where it would reside (and point to my 100 yard backstop):


…then came the process of building out the interior of the container, and adding the necessary appointments. This process included:

  1. Adding a 100 amp electrical panel
  2. Framing the interior
  3. Wiring the interior with many circuits for lighting, heating, AC, welders, and much more
  4. Insulating the interior using rigid foam with ventilation and a dehumidifier to avoid condensation
  5. Sheeting the walls with plywood
  6. Painting the interior “photo gray-card gray”
  7. Rebuilding the Ultimate Reloader bench to suit the narrow proportions inside the container
  8. Adding studio lighting and other fixtures

It’s been quite the process! Here are some shots of the build-out:

Clay Williams (above, assisting with the project) stands in front of the framed out and wired-up interior.

The above photo shows a vital piece of equipment being moved into the container: my Lincoln PowerMig 200 Mig Welder. This welder and my plasma cutter were both used extensively to install the AC window, and the man-door on the side of the container studio.

Above you can see Clay Williams having just shoveled snow from the roof, prior to welding in the man door (one of the blue doors seen in this photo). A beautiful mountain setting to hang out in!

Moving into the Studio

I’m just now in the process of moving gear into the studio, and I’m really excited to start filming productions here (this month!). Here’s a sneak peek at the new bench:

I took the opportunity while rebuilding the bench to make some enhancements, with more to come. I’m hoping to offer an “Ultimate Reloading Bench” hardware kit and plans this year, please stay tuned on that! In the meantime, I’ll be using this bench to film new productions at new facility, which I have quite the backlog of piling up- much content coming!

Goodbye Ultimate Reloader City Studio

Back in 2009 was the last time I made major studio investments (the “city” studio), and it’s been a *great* facility. The video included in this post was the last filmed there, with one more video to be published I filmed prior. Here’s my “last picture” on set before tearing down the facility:

It’s been great, but things are about to get “greater”! Again, thanks to all of you out there for your interest and support in what I’ve published, and a huge thanks to all of the partners that have worked with me over the years to enable these stories.

A final parting thought: If you’ve been itching to get out of the city- do it! It’s been one of the best experiences of my life, and I’m looking forward to many more. There’s no feeling like owning your own rifle/pistol/shotgun ranges, and not needing “reservations” at a campground to experience the outdoors!

Look for more updates soon!



16 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader is Moving to the Country!”

  1. Hi Gavin! SOOOO happy for you and, if I’m honest, a little bit envious. I’ve been a reader for many moons and have always enjoyed your videos. Best of luck in your new quarters and in all your endeavors!!

    Kevin in CT

  2. Kudos to you, Gavin for following your dreams and then making them come to life. Better find some snow shoes!
    Jim in FL

  3. I made the decision t move from NJ to FL. It was hard to leave family and friends, but you must follow your dream. Glad you did, and I know you will be happy. Love your videos. Good luck to you and your family!

  4. Wild Bill says,
    Good move, before you know it you’ll be 41. Best of luck in you new place.

  5. So jealous! Wish the wife would be into doing something like this. How far East did you have to go? I’m in Bothell, just down the road from Kenmore gun range. I’d would love to aquire some land too.

  6. Gavin,
    Glad you got the hell out of the hell hole that’s Seattle. I was born and raised there (“the peaceful northend as it were) and after my military stint I moved to 20 secluded acres in Skagit County 1994. I have a 100 and 200 yard range, trout ponds, green space and most of all, peace and quiet. I do wish at times for more sun but east of the mountains lacks the Puget sound air that I like.
    I too as others are looking forward to your up coming vids.

  7. Gavin,
    Congratulation!!! I did a similar thing 13 years ago. Moved from San Diego, to Anchorage, AK. What a change, and WELL worth it! I hope only the best for you, your family, and Ultimate Reloader. Be safe, and have fun! Looking forward to more UR content.

    John in Alaska

  8. Congrats Gavin!

    I’m a country boy myself and work in the tech area as well where you have found a way to achieve the dream. Best of luck and I look forward to new sessions from the bunker!

    I Too was a corporate type for 29 years it was killing me the last straw was the idea I relocate to Chicago nice town… didn’t want to live there. I’m just about 60
    and regret the time i spent in the city life. I hope all goes well with your new found freedom. I thank you for rekindling the reloading spark in me I started when I was 12. . Enjoy the freedom and the best to your family.

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