Ultimate Reloader Celebrates 200 Videos Milestone

When I started Ultimate Reloader, I had no idea I would ever produce 200 videos, acquire 29,000 subscribers, and rack up nearly 8,000,000 views (averaging 40,000 views per video!). Today I’ve met those goals! It’s been a lot of work, a lot of fun, and has been one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. I really enjoy engaging with you all, and working with partners.

From my YouTube dashboard, 200 videos!


I wanted to personally thank all of you out there, and also let you know I’m planning some very exciting new stories for the coming year, and will “take things to the next level” yet again! I can’t wait to roll out these changes and take you all along for the ride. It only gets better from here…

While I’m feeling reflective, I thought I’d share some of the video highlights from my “journey” here on Ultimate Reloader. From humble beginnings and learning a ton about storytelling and creative pro skills, to the latest series I’ve been working on (and many more in the queue) it’s been quite a ride. But one of the biggest highlights for me personally is to read comments on this website, on YouTube, and on Facebook. It’s great to learn from you all and to share our experiences together. I’m happy when I read that I helped someone, or that they enjoyed a video or write-up. It’s the “energy” that’s made it all  worth it.

Where it all started

OK, I’ll admit it: It’s a bit difficult to watch this video, my very first on YouTube published in January 2008:

At the time there wasn’t much information about the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP on YouTube, and I had just spent a month or so in “analysis paralysis” trying to decide what press to buy. I decided to start publishing videos about this press because I wanted to make it easier for other “press shoppers” out there to make their decision about what press to buy. These were the days when I was “borrowing” the family MiniDV camcorder (with a tape inside, remember that?) to make videos in the garage. A lot has changed since then! Since the first video was posted on my “gavintoobe” YouTube channel I conceived of the idea of “Ultimate Reloader” which was originally was though of as a place to build out the “ultimate” reloading press with accessories and customizations, hence the name. Shortly thereafter came this website, and the notion of blogging about reloading equipment and processes.

2016 Checkpoint

This year I’ve been filming exclusively in 4K, and have expanded my focus to more complete end-to-end stories about shooting and reloading. The Ruger Precision Rifle series has been a ton of fun (still going), and has expanded my network to include the 6.5 Guys, as well as many other partners and friends.

More than ever, I’m going the extra mile to bring more interesting stories about shooting sports to life- all with the common thread of ammunition reloading. It’s really fun to use new tools to tell these stories, and to see the reaction from you- my audience.

Here’s a studio video from this year that will contrast the difference between my original videos and the content I’ve been publishing this year:

…and here’s a “field video”, something I’ve done a lot more of this year:

Looking Forward

I can tell you, 2017 will be a “breakout” year for Ultimate Reloader. I’ve got a pretty amazing facility I’m building out for shooting and filming, will be onboarding some exciting new partners, will be covering new topics, and have some “secret weapon” gear that I’m going to use to tell the stories. I can’t wait to start publishing this “next generation” content! I’ll have more on that very shortly. These new tools and resources will enable me to bring more stories, and bring more depth to these stories as well.

More than anything else- I want to thank all of you. I want to thank my partners for their collaboration (couldn’t do this without them) and all of the viewers and readers out there that have helped me build out Ultimate Reloader to what it is today. I appreciate all of you!


12 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader Celebrates 200 Videos Milestone”

  1. I have been reloading 30 years,this is most informative reloading website I have ever experienced. Keep it going

    1. Gavin, thanks for you videos! You’ve helped inculcate the joys and satisfaction of reloading. It was your videos, mostly on the Hornady LNL series, that convinced me to go with the Lock-N-Load over the other progressive presses. Yes, I later had doubts and still a case feeder, but I’ve been very happy with this choice. Besides. you taught me about the Frankenlöder concept. Please continue this history of teaching through example.

  2. Allow me to be very, very honest and sincere with you: There is no one in the reloading industry that makes more informative, interesting, better explained, shown, devised or produced video’s than you. I recall very early in your rise to fame when you started out with a somewhat older, cruder and much more elementary camera and mic than you have now. Even then, you spoke of improving the quality and sound of your video’s and then did so. I would be lying if I didn’t say I’ve seen better than 2/3rds of them along the way. Each was done in a unique and gratifying manner which allowed the viewer to have all the information necessary and at hand, thus allowing for their reloading experience to be a good and safe one. Happy 200th, sir!

  3. Congratulations, Gavin. I ran across your site about a month ago when I was considering buying a Ruger Precision Rifle. After watching your series, I “pulled the trigger”, and I know own an RPR in .243. I tell my wife it’s all your fault. ;o)

    I have really enjoyed browsing through your videos, and I’ve watched over 50 of them already. I’m amazed at the advances in reloading that have happened since I started about 35 years ago. I took a break from shooting while I was living in Europe, and watching your videos have gotten me excited about getting started up again now that I’m back in the States. Thanks!

  4. Congratulations. I’ve been watching your videos off and on over the years but it wasn’t until about two years ago when I finally started reloading myself that I became a serious fan and watched every video. You do great work and best luck for the future!

  5. Hi,Gavin
    I really like your videos, very informative and pro. I am kind of new to reloading defiantly want to setup shop in early 2017. Qustion: where did you get the ammo valocity meter? Where can i get one?
    And what reloder machine you recommend , cost and necessary attachment please, any help will be appreciated. Reg. Abe

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