Ultimate Reloader turns 5,000,000 on YouTube

It’s been a lot of fun shooting videos and blogging about reloading since I started on YouTube in 2007. This past week the Ultimate Reloader YouTube Channel hit another milestone with over 16,000 subscribers and 5,000,000 total video views.


I want to personally thank all of the loyal readers and viewers that have made it possible to bring all of this content to you all. What’s the video with the most views you ask? It’s not one of the newer more polished videos, it’s a Lee Loadmaster video from 2009!


I hope you all will stick around for the next 5,000,000 views on the YouTube channel, and please let me know what you are interested in seeing- there’s still so much to talk about!


Above: some of the equipment I’ve published videos covering, from left: Lee Classic Cast Iron Turret Press, Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic, Redding T-7, Lee Loadmaster, Dillon XL-650, RCBS Pro-2000, Hornady Lock-N-Load AP, Redding Big Boss II.


7 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader turns 5,000,000 on YouTube”

  1. Congratulations on 5 Million views! You have one of, if not the best YouTube channels on the internet! I am always very appreciative of every one you do. I look forward to more reloading videos! EXCELLENT!

  2. Congrats! Your videos are very helpful and informative, especially to use newbies to the hobby.

    Here’s to 5 million more!

    When are you going to post your video about your new reloading bench? Very much interested in it; and about the pros and cons of your build.

    Thanks a bunch. Keep those videos coming. Great work!

  3. Awesome Job Gavin, You have become the largest go to on reloading I believe. Your incredible hard work has paid off! Congrats! I have been here for several years looking learning and debating which progressive press would be best for high powered rifle reloading. For a long time I was convinced of the big blue machines were the best. Thanks to Ultimate Reloader, I now have enough knowledge, to realize I may be wrong. The half index of the Hornady is looking more important than ever. I am not ready to settle for just 4 die positions of the Dillon 550C or I would already own one. I am eagerly awaiting your testing of progressives like the Lee, RCBS Pro Chucker 5, Hornady LNL AP and Dillons XL750 before I buy one. I am looking to load 300 magnums and 300PRC mostly. Here’s looking to the future and best wishes for your channel, Paul

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