Fathers Day Find – Country Store Reloading Gear

It was a truly great Father’s Day. It started with a great breakfast around the house with my family, and we decided it would be fun to go out driving country roads and hitting barn sales. The weather was beautiful, and we were far away from traffic. We didn’t see too many sales right away, but the further we got out into the countryside the more we saw. The kids bought clothes and DVDs, and I purchased some gardening tools for our cabin property. It was relaxing, and I always look forward to wheeling-and-dealing. Then it was on to lunch- a small joint named Scott’s Dairy Freeze. Good old fashioned burgers and fries enjoyed outside on a park bench. Good times!

On our way home I saw a gun shop in a small town. It was the tables out front with items on sale that caught my eye, so I stopped and perused the piles. I couldn’t believe my eyes: brass with boxes for $2./50, 40S&W brass in bags: $2./50. 500 S&W magnum brass, $3./50. Dies for $8.-ish a box. This was even better than the garage sales!


I even found a powder trickler that I’ve been looking for for $3.00. Yes, this was a great sale on a great Father’s Day. It was even more special given that we’re in such a crazy shortage on supplies right now. This was truly like a breath of fresh air. Now I have items to load with, to trade with friends, or to just give away.

What did you all do on Father’s day? Please share!


4 thoughts on “Fathers Day Find – Country Store Reloading Gear”

  1. Greetings Gavin;

    My wife bought me a new MacBook Air and dinner at my favorite restaurant (A&W Rootbeer) after spending Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday camping. And while it is not firearms related I cannot complain as she also sought out a Sig Sauer P238 for me that I had been looking for while I was at work on Monday, which I just picked up.

      1. I have not had a chance to shoot it but it feels like it is more in the hand then a LCP or LC380. And as long as it is more reliable then my DB380 I will be happy.

  2. Cool finds. Always check the junk table.

    There’s a store I go by, every now and then, that I can’t tell you how much good stuff I’ve picked up off their sale/junk table. Last Christmas time, it was a NIB Lee Classic Turret, for way less than the usual retail.

    >500 S&W magnum brass, $3./50

    At this same place, for quite a while after the .500 first came out, on the same junk table boxes of .500 S&W with two or three rounds used, the rest untouched. Someone got in over their head.

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