Introducing Digital Downloads: Get the full Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Review!

Becoming an expert with all of the popular 5-station reloading presses has been a fun but HUGE project- with approximately 3600 hours invested, over 125 videos published, and 300+ blog posts and pages published here on (all free content)! Today, I’m launching a new service- Ultimate Reloader Digital Downloads. Don’t worry: I’ll continue to bring you all lots of free content! This free content will continue to include blog posts, articles, videos, tools – but now you can also download premium content to help support Ultimate Reloader.

The first article is available today:

Complete Hornady Lock-N-Load AP review! (details)

You can buy and download directly from this button as well:

(You need to download locally following purchase to ensure you can access this PDF later/offline)

For just $2.99, you can find out a ton of valuable information about the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP, including:

  1. What’s in the box
  2. Strengths/Weaknesses
  3. Features overview
    1. Shellplate/Indexing/Ejection
    2. Priming system
    3. Powder measure
    4. Lock-N-Load bushing system
  4. Caliber changeover procedure details
  5. Overview: four ideal pistol die setups
  6. Overview: three ideal rifle die setups
  7. Overview: Loading pistol ammunition
  8. Overview: Loading rifle ammunition
  9. Very detailed specifications (including dimensions that aren’t available online)


Now you can read up on the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP from any device that supports PDF files!


28 thoughts on “Introducing Digital Downloads: Get the full Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Review!”

    1. PayPal is not for me. Several vendors, I previously used, demanded PayPal exclusively for purchases. As noted the vendors lost my sale. A credit card would be more appropriate. Looking forward to your RCBS Progressive digital download.

  1. I don’t use paypal and won’t sign up for it but if you make this available in a Kindle format, I’ll buy it.

    1. I’m also interested in the Kindle format. In fact, I would love to subscribe to the monthly edition through Amazon Subscription services.b I refuse to use Paypal.

    1. True. You can buy on your PC and load the PDF onto your kindle. With these downloads you are free to use on your own (multiple) personal devices. If your device has a web browser, you can purchase and view/store on your device. I validated this on the iPad- purchase, save, open in iBooks- it’s then available whenever you need it.

  2. Always enjoy your articles.I refuse to use PayPal.How will reloaders like me buy your videos? Also, no longer can we see your great instructional videos without being forced to buy them. Is that true?
    Dave from Montana

  3. Gavin you have such GREAT content on your website that I have NO PROBLEM at all helping out with the expenses of running it. Your videos are EXCELLENT and am looking forward to kicking in a few bucks and read your review of the LNL AP.

    Keep Up The Good Work!

    1. Big Tim- Thanks so much- I really appreciate help from the community, and I’m looking forward to a lot of exciting projects and content to share in 2013. You just made my day!

  4. I use HORNADY all of their products and feel that with 20 plus years of handloading and shooting combat 45, run and gun, and 1000yd along with US ARMY training, I could offer the same services to your readers for free since I am retired and currently own tons of handloading gear and a video.
    nutured10mm on youtube has great videos on start to finish as well.

    The point is when you had free information you had value but now that you wish to charge you have a vested interest and no longer can state that you are non biased to a company. Just look at your huge Hornady ad on your site.

    1. Thanks Betty for feedback. You’ll note that the first thing in the article is strengths *and* weaknesses. I maintain a “freedom of speech” clause with all of my advertisers, and they understand that I’ll tell my readers the straight story, good, bad, all of it.

      Furthermore, I’m not at all going to decrease the rate/quantity/quality of free content, that will continue (and increase). I’ll also continue to bring more premium content as well.

  5. Love your site and bought the review once it was available. It’s all top notch. Can’t wait for the shotshell reloading articles and videos.

    1. Thanks Octavio! Glad you like the site and the press review. Really looking forward to shotgunning and shotshell reloading on the blog this year!!


  6. Gavin,

    Thanks for your superb videos and articles. I have viewed most all of them.

    Your Hornady Lock-and-Load AP Review most likely is excellent and would be a beneficial resource. And the price is not much. But if you add to the Hornady Lock-and-Load collection, will we be able to get an update?

    Have you considered a subscription so that we could receive all or any special more comprehensive reviews for one yearly price?

    Strong work. Keep it up!

  7. P.S. Here’s another thought. As a premium member, could we ask specific questions of you to cover in a video or article?

  8. “…the straight story, good, bad, all of it.”

    After watching Umpteen reloading related vids on the “Tube” will hardly be concerned with “paying” for digital DL’s given how thorough and well done your
    presentations have been done. What’s worse than attempting to make sense of what someone is describing and the visual quality, angle, lighting, etc. are sub-par ? On top of that, there are plenty of $30.00 commercial offerings out there that seem to have been hastily done, incomplete & use our ACME Press because it’s….
    Having good quality, “this is the bottom line…” offerings for a couple of Bucks helps fill a truly needed niche for many, the experienced included !

    Don’t care for PayPal either but it’s not going to destroy own ethical code to use it a few times until a good & suitable alternative is found…

  9. After purchasing and downloading the article is 11 pages and has a title of “—–PART 1”. Is there more to this or is the 11 pages all of it? Your website and the reviews/tips you offer are second to none!!!

  10. (Gavin, You may dump this reply/opinion with no heartburn from me)

    Fellow Responders:

    I appreciate your opposition to not using paypal due to their stated opposition to firearms. However, I live in the state with the most onerous and restrictive laws concerning firearms. I believe that the possibility exists for an all out attempt to completely abrogate our 2nd amendment rights across our great nation.

    While I applaud your protest, to me – it comes under the heading of “cutting your nose off to spite your face”. One day soon is the very real possibility of the internet not having this type of content available to us. Therefore, it is imperative for us to download and secure for ourselves and our families (I have two grandchildren) this type of information.

    Maintaining a website that draws lots of visitors and return visits is expensive. It is an honor to support a man who provides this service and his outstanding products. All too soon, he may not be able to get this information out, other than via an old mimeograph machine. And then, that would not include the videos.

    As we used to say in that tropical paradise far, far away: “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Do not begrudge the two or three pennies to the haters — Support this man and his effort. It takes more than words and sometimes misplaced actions to defend the Constitution!

    Again, If it comes to physically defending the Constitution as the Law of the Land, we will need this information to insure a continual supply or manufacture of tools with which to send lead downrange.

    Respectfully to All,

  11. I would like to start reloading. I fell the best press to suit my needs is a Hornady LnL- AP. my reloading would be for 5.56, 6.8, 10mm & 45acp. Does anyone have a shopping list to exactly what dies, shell turret, caliper, etc…?

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