45 ACP Progressive Reloader Roundup

Hello all- In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Colt 1911 pistol, I thought I would put together a post that showcases various progressive reloading presses cranking out 45 ACP ammo! This caliber is very versatile, and continues to be a favorite for both target shooters, law enforcement, and self defense. There are plenty more resources related to 45 ACP here on UltimateReloader, but this will give you a taste of loading this great cartridge on popular equipment!

Loading 45 ACP on the Hornady Lock-N-Load with the Hornady Bullet Feeder

Loading 45 ACP on the RCBS Pro-2000 with the RCBS bullet feeder

Loading 45 ACP on the Dillon XL-650

Loading 45 ACP on the Lee Loadmaster

Here, we see everything from a 4-station steup with hardcast lead bullets on the Lee Loadmaster, to loading jacketed bullets on progressive reloaders with bullet feeder attachments. There’s definately more than one way to load 45 ACP ammo, and each system has its strengths and weaknesses! (just like any type of machinery). Got a favorite 45ACP loading setup that you’d like to share? Please post a comment!


5 thoughts on “45 ACP Progressive Reloader Roundup”

    1. Look for an update this weekend! We’ll have one more video prepping the rifle, and then it’s on to precision reloading. Some great new tools/equipment videos coming up. Stay tuned!

      1. Wow , thanks Gavin

        I really appreciate and enjoy all the video you do. I’m definitely looking forward on your precision reloading.
        Thanks again,

  1. Galvin I am loading .380 on my Loadmaster. The smallest standard hole throws 3.2 grains of HP-38 powder. I only want 2.8 – 3.0 grains. I ordered the adjustable powder drop from Lee and can close the opening to get 2.8 grains but now sometimes it drops correctly and somtimes 1/2 load sometimes no powder. I have made sure the measure goes all the way forward and back. I figure the small thin opening at this setting is not allowing the powder to drop into the micrometer opening. I have ordered the smaller disk that Lee has and figure to drill out the smallest hole and try to get the correct hole size for my powder. My question to you is have you had this problem and how did you solve it. And what size drill bit size or # would you start with? thanks

  2. I am thinking about getting into reloading and I got to thank you for the most informative reloading site out there! My question and I guess you can say is a very “loaded” question (could not resist) but which progressive loader do you prefer? I am leaning toward the lock n load purely on price but I do like the Dillion 650xl also.

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