Ultimate Reloader turns 1,000,000 on YouTube!

Hey everyone- just wanted to thank you all for the support on YouTube and on this website! Back in September I posted that Ultimate Reloader had hit the 500,000 views mark on YouTube (gavintoobe). Since then, Ultimate Reloader has racked up over 500,000 additional views- doubling our total view count.

Thanks very much for your support on Facebook, on YouTube, and on this website. I’m looking forward to the next million views!


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader turns 1,000,000 on YouTube!”

  1. Actually Gavin, Thank You for not only providing such excellent research and comparisons between multiple facets of reloading, but assembling it in such a terrific website that’s HIGH QUALITY and easy to navigate! I think many of your fans will agree, you’re really doing a great job and we look forward to more projects and comparisons in the future!

  2. Gavin,
    I really appreciate this site. I like the way you take a methodical approach to explain concepts and techniques.

    I do have a question though: have you ever thought of doing a report on reloading benches? I know it’s hard/impractical to assemble/disassemble benches, but maybe you could give us a look at your bench. And maybe you could explain why you chose it and how it is made, etc.


  3. Gavin,

    Don’t thank us, look in a mirror. If it wasn’t for your hard work in putting together great videos, no one would be watching. Thank you for the information you bring to us. Anyone who watches your videos can tell, you’re a class act!

    So, We thank you, Gavin!

  4. Gavin — great site. Has helped me tremendously as I just started reloading. Was wondering if you sell or can tell me where to get the powder bushing sleeve that you use to change calibers. Looks really handy and would love to get some.

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